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why is it so hard? Lock Rss

my friend just lost her baby at 36 weeks. she had a severe placenta abruption. if we are here to procreate then why is it so hard to have a healthy pregnancy. i feel so bad for her she is such a great woman and was feeling pretty good this tme round. its realy put me off having more kids i realy have no desire to be pregnant again. my hear is broken for her and her family.
I am so sorry to hear that terrible news, I hope your friend will be ok. Life is very confusing and horrible at times, I still don't believe there is light on the other side of a dark tunnel we go down, but there must be?
I agree how are we meant to just keep going when things like that happend to people close to you how are we meant to say "o well its doesn't happen to everyone I will be ok"
sometimes its just to hard to think like that, I have come to believe that line of thinking keeps coming back to bite you in the butt, there is nothing but time that will help that feeling.

Listen to me thinking I am some big expert, sorry about that I hope you feel better soon.
Clare xxoo
I will be here most of the night if you need a chat

Oh Mummytocuties I'm so so sorry for your friend and for you.
I hear what you are saying and I understand.I too felt this way when we lost Thomas at 39 weeks.It shouldnt be like this,babies shouldnt die.
I think its so hard when you go through your pregnancy doing all the right things and staying healthy only to have such an inconcievable thing happen.It totally rips your heart out and makes you question everything in your life and life in general.
I can see how it puts you off wanting to concieve and add to your family, I felt that way as well.We just take such a chance when we get pregnant and its like we have to sit back and see what hand we are dealt because we can be healthy and do all the right things but ultimately we have no control.
So we took that chance again and risked being totally devastated all over again and now we have another beautiful baby boy who has filled us with love and joy.
Thinking of you

thanks girls, please dont worry about me i didnt post this for sympathy for myself, mainly just because im so angry that this happened to such a great person. my heart is breaking for her, thank god she has her other children to if nothing else keep her occupied for now.
That is so sad, its not fair is it, the people who want it so much are the ones that have these horrible things happen to them. How are you feeling? Its hard when something like this happens, just when your thinking of having another bub, I guess we all take it for granted that once we're past that 12wk mark everything will be OK.
Hope your friend is doing OK (physically) and I am thinking of you.
thanks jess, i think shes doing ok now. she lost a lot of blood and they thought they were going to loose her too but shes ok now. the funeral is on tuesday and im hoping i can bring the kids otherwise i may not be able to go. im not sure what this is going to do to her, she was always so happy one of those people that could feel like crap but always have a smile. its just so sad. i think im so scared because we are so similar in alot of ways from the way we look to the doctors who delivered our kids and i told my husband i dont want any more kids and he said im being silly and that just because it happened to her doesnt mean it will to us but i think there are statistics and someone has to be it why cant it be me (not that i want it to be) sorry for the ramble i just still cant believe it.
Hi girls,

Mummytocuties, I'm so sorry about your friend. Your very right in your way of thinking... if we are here to procreate then why is it so hard to have a healthy pregnancy... your so right. I know your friend will be okay in the long run, because she has such a good friend in you, and you will be able to help her through such a bad experience.

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