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Pregnant at last after mc Lock Rss

Hi all-

I'm finally pregnant, 10 months after my mc. I have so many emotions running through me, but mainly I feel confused. Part of me doesn't want to get my hopes up, knowing I could lose this bub too, but the other part of me can't deny that I'm excited, and I already love him or her. If I do lose this one, I don't want to feel that I didn't give it enough love while it was still with me, but on the other hand, I don't know how I'd cope with that feeling of complete emptiness of losing a baby.

My other main fear is that I didn't have any symptoms with my last mc- I never bled, I found out at my 11 week ultrasound. I'm terrified that this baby will die too, without me knowing.

I guess if I do lose this one, at least it won't be such a monumental shock like last time. It never crossed my mind that I could mc the last baby- now I know that it's a possibility, I'm not so naive.

How have others dealt with their conflicting emotions when ýou've fallen pregnant after a miscarriage?

Hi there,

It is a really stressful thing being pregnant after MC. I had a MC in May last year, and i am now 36 weeks pregnant. I have to say this whole pregnancy has been nothing but worrying about every little thing and just praying that everything goes ok. I have coped by just trying to be positive and and just living for each day rather than trying to think about the weeks ahead. I am Lucky enough to have children already so they have been a big help. My thoughts are with you - do fall in love in with your baby more and more everyday and and then as you said if anything does happen you have given all a mummy can give for the time you have, however try stay positive and and fingers crossed for you. smile Take care of yourself

Congratulations on the great news of your pregnancy. Don't deny yourself that chance to love your brand new bubba! There is only so much you can do, and I guess wearing your heart on your sleeve is one of those things.

Have you spoken to your dr about having extra checks done in the first 12 weeks to make sure everything is okay?? Doing this may put your mind at ease and make the 12 week scan more bareable.

I decided when I got preggers, that I would take it one week at a time, up until 12 weeks, then I seems to just focus on the next dr's appointment or scan. Don't look too far ahead, its such a long way to see. I'm at the end of the road now and have 3 sleeps to go... Just take baby steps in the right direction, and remember to breathe!

Congrats again! Your one step further along than you were last week!

Hey Ellie,
I am also pregnant after a M/C in April and I was very apprehensive about getting too excited but have come to realise that whatever happens is out of my hands and I am going to get excited and love my baby no matter waht, the last thing I want is for anything to happen and my baby not to have at least felt loved.
Linkage has some great advice thre, take it one day/week at a time thats all you can do.
There are some great people on this site to chat to and a few of chat in the Feelings thread, please feel free to jump in anytime, its a great place to chat or vent if you need to and we have all been through a loss, so can understand where you are coming from.
Good Luck with everything and love that baby and allow yourself to get a little excited!!
I'm here if you need to chat.
Hi there-

thanks for the kind replies. I've decided to just try to see every day as one day closer to my bub- you're right in saying the only way to get through it is to take it one day at a time.

I am hoping to get an ultrasound in week 7 or 8, but my ob-gyb told me to get a blood test on day 40, which is Friday, so I won't even get those results until Monday! I'm hoping those results will be reassuring, and I'll then get my appointment with the doc. She has an u/s machine in her office, so I'm hoping for some reassurance then.

Thanks again for your advice, I'm sure I'll be back for more!

By the way, congratulations on your pregnances. Jess, our due dates must be very close to eack other!!! What was your due date for the bub you lost? Mine was April 21st last year, this one is due on April 8th.

I would have been due on the 6th December, I M/C in April.
This bub is due on the 10 april by my dates, its nice to have someone due at the same time.
Good Luck with everything
I am so happy for you.

I hope all goes well and you have that you have agreat pregnancy.


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