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Hello i would just like to share Tegan's story with you all.

This is a story about a beautiful human being, our daughter Tegan Rochelle otherwise known as Tegz. We love her very much.

Peter & I knew each other for a long time and always knew we’d have a family. We fell in love with our first child from the start, even before we knew her. The thought of two people loving each other so much that we could create someone, a product of ourselves, was overwhelming, scary, and miraculous. And as she waited, we fell in love, slowly, with the idea of her being.

Life began and her personality developed. She hated certain spices and favored my left side. I remember the first time I was aware of her movement. We were at the movie theater where I found myself slurping what was to be Peter's coke. This sent Tegan into cartwheels and somersaults. Life was wonderful. There we were in a crowded movie theater in the middle of the night, crying our eyeballs out and rejoicing in the fact that this is - truly - ‘As Good As It Gets’

It was early morning of March 3rd 2003 , 9 weeks short of her official due date. I went to bed with a stomach ache that only became worse. About an hour later, I realized I was starting to have contractions. Once the contractions were five minutes appart, we went to the hospital. I was monitored for her heartbeat and vitals, she was not reacting like they wanted her to and after giving me fluids for dehydration, she seemed to be more responsive. I was admitted and shortly after settling in the birthing-room, her heart stopped beating and she died. It was 6:47 a.m. and that was the beginning of the end of our lives as we knew it.

Though they will never know for sure, the autopsy results say Tegan died due to a cord accident. The cord was wrapped around her neck one time and it was so tight that the Doctor could not place his hand between the cord and her neck. Because she was not alive when born, they called her death a stillbirth. Otherwise, she was a perfect little 2lbs lb. 12 oz, 37cm curly-haired angel. There are a few details missing but this is the long of the short of it. Thank you for reading my story!

[Edited on 01/08/2007]
Thankyou for sharing your story.
It is written so well...
Although I don't know what it is like to lose a child & can not even imagine the pain, I feel for you & others who have lost.

Stay strong & keep smiling..

My heart truly goes out to you and your husband.
I have never been through what you have so I can only imagine just how hard it must be.
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thank you for sharing your story, it brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you Anne for telling us all about Tegz.
She sounds like the perfect little girl.


Thankyou all so much, Your support and friendship. I would love to be able to help people in the same situation.I have been reading some of the stories and it truely breaks my heart.
Thank you so much for sharing the story of your beautiful angel,Tegan with us.Having also lost my son who was stillborn last year I find it comforting to share with others who have had a similar experience.
The pain and love for our babies never leaves us but becomes etched into our souls and makes us the people and parents that we are today.

Thanks anne, for sharing your story, I hope it helps to be able to talk about it, I lost my angel at 8wks and couldn't imagine having lost her at fullterm.
If you ever need to chat feel free to PM me or join in the feelings thread, we all chat about everything and its fantastic to have someone to talk to on those bad days when I don't feel like facing anyone.
Best wishes Jess
HI there,

I'm so sorry you lost your little girl. Tegan will be watching over you. I hope you and Peter have been able to help each other through such a hard journey.

Thankyou for sharing your story
Anne, thanks for sharing your beautiful story about Tegan. I also had a stillbirth 4 wks ago and the cord was wrapped around our daughter's neck twice and tight too. Like Tegan she was really active, more active than her older sister who is 17mths. We named her our baby Lily Marie. I hope you are coping ok.

We got asked if we wanted Lily to be cremated but we said no as we don't believe in it due to religious reasons. We buried her instead at the cemetary in the children's area.

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