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Did anyone watch All Saints Lock Rss

Hi all, just wondering did anyone watch all saints 31/7/07. Having lost our little boy Cruz last September at 23 weeks it bought back alot of sad memories. I havnt cried for a long time until last night. I cried uncontrollably for about 15 minutes. My hubby cuddled me the whole time and made it a little easier. Sorry but i wanted to know how anyone else felt watching the show.

mummy to Rhana 3, #2 Cruz in heaven and #3 in oven

Yes, I watched it and it was a very hard episode to watch, I lost my angel at 8wks and could not imagine doing it at any later stage.
I'm sorry to hear about your little boy and best of luck with your current pregnancy, how far along are you?
Sorry to hear of the loss of your little man.Hoping your pregnancy is going well
Yes I too watched the episode through glassy eyes, it was pretty hard to watch.
Though I must applaud them for the storyline.The loss of a child from my personal experience is very much swept under the rug and 'not talked about' which I find frustrating as it doesnt help the healing/grieving process. Its about time that it was brought out in the open a bit more. It is obvious by the number of women in this particular part of the forum that it happens a lot more often than we think.

I am currently 9 1/2 weeks. And i cant wait to get through every week. Ive had a scan on monday and all is well so far. Im having my cervix stitched at around 12 weeks to help prevent my waters breaking so early again.

mummy to Rhana 3, #2 Cruz in heaven and #3 in oven

Hi there,

I don't watch all saints, but I can only think how hard it would have been to watch! I think I would have changed the channel, thats what we do each time something like that happens. I get angry watching the news when related things come up, you know about scum bags hurting their children.. I have to change the channel then too! Your DH sounds like a gem!

Sending you lots of belly rubs for you little bun in the oven. Great to hear that all is well so far. Hope all goes well at twelve weeks when you get your stitch.

I have only watched All Saints for the past 2 weeks and I cried through last nights episode. I always do when there is something about a pregnant woman getting killed or a baby dying. I feel sad that after 2.5yrs it still affects me this much. Oh well. Life goes on.

i always watch it but that night i sister rang me at 9.30 crying and said did you watch it i said no.she told me what sister was very upset cause she lost her baby girl tiana at 39 weeks she was stillborn.they dont know what happened they said they were both heathly.her husband had to cuddled her to its only been three mths since she has been gone.she found out she lost her on her bithday the 1st of june my birthday the 2nd and she had her on the 3rd so she shares her birthday with us.she has a three year old that keeps her going.thanks for your story,best wishes. mum to jorin,jade,ashton
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