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was wondering if anyone else has gone through this?? I already have a 17 month old boy and fell pregnant in march this year. went to the doctors to confirm he found i had high blood pressure and i was put on tablets by the ob and it came to normal in days. around 7 weeks i had a pinkish/brown discharge and was told i was fine just doing too much and to rest. went to the ob for my 12 week check and i had lost weight was asked if i had been sick at all which i had not been and then i layed down for her to do an ultrasound and i heard her saying those dreadful words "oh oh this doesnt look good i think you've lost the baby" i went into shock it was the last thing i ever expected to here as i had not been bleeding. i had to go straight away to a proper ultrasounding place to find out what was going on. it was terrible my husband wasnt in perth because we live in the country and he is a farmer and was busy seeding so my son and i came by ourselves. luckly my family is here so my mum came with me to the ultrasound and i was told there i had a partial molar pregnancy, it is very rare (1 in 1500) and especially for someone my age (im 23) and i had to go into hospital for a d+c. my husbsand by this time was on his way down (we live 4hrs away) and i coudnt contact him to tell him what was happening so my dad came home from work to meet him while my mum waited at the hospital with me. he got there just before i was taken in which i was so grateful for! since then two months has passed and my hormone levels are back to normal but not a day goes past that i don't think i would be this far along. also thinking about getting the all clear from the doctors and it makes me scared about trying again. yes i do want to try but im scared it will happen again because the chances go from 1 in 1500 to 1 in 80. has anyone else had this happen or had these scared feelings?
Hi Nicole22,

I'm sorry to hear about the lost of your bub. I have never had a molar pregnancy or a m/c, we lost our little girl to a heart defect. So I know about the chances game that you have to play. The normal odds are 1 in 100 for any person in the population to be born with a heart defect. But for us now, because its happened once, our odds go up to 1 in 20. So for you, being 1 in 80, there will still be 79 good outcomes. I dont think anything will take away the fear you will feel. When you are ready, you and your DH will look at your odds, and roll the dice together, and hope and pray for the best possible outcome. I hope you get the all clear from the dr soon.

hi linkage,
thanks for replying to my post. i was sorry to hear about your little girl.
your right there is still a good chance it won't happen and we will just have to hope for the best when we do try. when we fell pregnant with our son we never thought of things going wrong at any stage during the pregnancy and i guess that contributed to why it was such a shock when things went wrong the next time. but i guess when we do try if things don't turn out ok i will be much better prepared for it, it wont be such a shock because i know the risks before hand.
hi nicole, im sorry to hear of your loss. they are words no one wants to hear. im sorry to ask but i have no idea what a partial molar pregnancy is.
Hi there Nicole,
I had a partail Mole pregnancy lost my bubs the same way you did found out at my 13 week ultrasound, and it was a friday becuse it was a high risk d&c becuse of how many cells that were in my body they waited to monday but I did not make it then my waters broke on lunch time Sunday and had my D&C then after passing the baby at home. I will never forget that day as long as I live seeing what sposed to be growing inside of me there I will never forgive the hositabl for sending me home friday night. After a bad blood loss I need blood transfissions(sp) and weekly blood test. I was pregnant the 1 and a bit mths later even though they tell you not to it is only with complet moles that you need to wait the 12 mths I spented endless nights trying to find someone with some info some where anywhere that would say those words safe after HGC are under 5 so soon as it went to 7 lol dh and i were doing the baby dance. I lost that baby at 10 weeks that bubs would have been due on the 4th of Aughurst, So I waited 3 mths as the doc told me to and I am now 18 weeks pregnant. I felt so alone with the partial mole beacuse yes I lost a baby but i had to worry about the cancer, the hgc levels it happing again and how sick i was(it was hell becuse of the rise in hgc)so not only was the stess of the loss but weekly bloods and that stess and no one really knowing what i was on about.

Your not alone I will let you know anything you need to I have a few people down in melborn that you can ring I also found a mole doc who is in Austraila after being on the phone to the USA LOL.There is a forum called My and they talk about there HGC levels like what colour is your hair it is a really good place to go and cry and chat to other woman who have had this terbilbe pregnancy there is always some one around (most of the time).

it has nearly been 10 mths since my mole (omg i just worked that out it feels like only yesterday)and everything is fine with this pregnancy There is a slight incress chance of it happing again but it is higher if it was a complet mole so we are lucky there,(in a weried way). The fear will never go away i still wait to be told again something is wrong with this little one even thought nothing is going to be.

I rember after each of my losses I loooked at woman and though why them and not me and looked at there bellies and just got sh$$y with them for no reason apart from being pregnant how do i know that she did not lose a baby before this one. I used to and still do think oh i would be having my baby my baby shouold be x amount of mths I think that is just natral not just being a human but feeling the loss of a person and trying to move on. It can only get eariser not harder and as i am comming up to the due date of the baby i lost in Jan this year I will rember my little angle and rember that he/she is closer then ever wright in my heart where no one can hurt my little angel and where all my losses are keept.

I am very sorry for your loss and it is hard try and take it one day at a time.

my heart goes out to you
best wishes

What exactly does a partial molar pregnancy mean? I have lost 3 pregancies,2 of which the baby died weeks before I actually m/c and 1 an ectopic leaving me with only 1 tube. I am wondering if it is what I had? Can you send me a message and explain more. Ta

Hi there,
A partial molar pregnancy is a genetic accident. In a normal pregnancy, the egg receives one set of 23 chromosomes from the father and one set of 23 chromosomes from the mother, for a total of 46 chromosomes. In a partial molar pregnancy, the egg receives two sets of chromosomes from the father, usually because two sperm have fertilized the egg. The egg now has 69 chromosomes, instead of the normal 46.

this is from a web site that explaind alot if you did have a partial mole pregnancy the docs would need to check your hgc leves every week and you would have had X-rays on your lungs to make sure that the mole did not grow up into your lungs and then weekly blood test for 6 weeks and then mthly blood test for 6 mths. and then a full body scan to make sure that the mole did not grow anywhere in your body. A lady on a web sight had to chemo to kill off the mole it grew in her lungs and in her liver it is quite a nasty pregnancy if it is a complet mole (no fetus) it is evn worse. HOpe this answered any of your questions

best wishes
OMG that sounds awful.
hey everyone,
sorry i didnt reply sooner have been on holidays. i should have explaned what it was in my original post. when i was told what had happened i really wasnt told much about what it actually is and found it really frustrating that i had to research it on the internet to find out! one thing that i read was that two sperm entered the egg and if the egg had of split it would have been twins, is this right?? i have had blood tests forghtnightly and then every three weeks since the end of may and my last one was at 4 so my ob has left a message saying she doesnt need to see me any longer. i guess this means ive been given the all clear. i was very sorry to hear other peoples stories on their loss, its terrible these things have to happen to anyone! one nice thing that my sister said to me straight after was that the babies spirit is still with me its just waiting for the right vessel to come out in. i dont know if its true but its a nice way to think about it. my dh and i have been thinking we might start trying oct/nov, hopefully everything will work out ok!
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