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2 poems i wrote after my miscarriage. Lock Rss

Mummy and Daddy

Wipe away the tears you have
As i am really near
I know that you get really sad
But you should have no fear
I know that you love me
I know that you care
I know that if you could have
You would have kept me there
I have a special job to do
Which is hard for you i know
One day we will be together again
Then i'll never let you go

You are a little angel

You are a little angel
That much i know is true
I didn't want an angel
I only wanted you
My heart is still broken
I dont think that will change
Never able to hold you tight
Or kiss away the pain
I know you are around me
In my dreams i always see
Your beautiful,happy,smiling face
Looking right down at me
I know that you are waiting
With lots of little friends
For the day that will one day come
That will never have an end
I will save you lots of kisses
And heaps of cuddles too
Because you are a little angel
That much i know is true

[Edited on 21/07/2007]
they are jsut beautiful !!!
Wow.. They were two truly awesome poems.. smile.

I am crying. They are 2 truely heart felt poems. And its true you know.... I believe that God has taken our little ones that we have lost into his care and we will see them one day... I am holding onto that.. When I get to heaven I will have 3 babies that I never got to hold on this earth, waiting for me.

Thanks ladies.

I wrote those 2 poems a little while after my miscarriage,and although they often make me cry too,i love them.

My EDD was the 2nd of august,so that is a day i am dreading,and it is approaching very fast.

I hope all our little angels are there for each other,until we can be with them again.

OMG, they are just wonderful. They made me cray. Thank you for sharing them with us.
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