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D & C finally done. Thanx for your support Lock Rss

Thanks to all of you who replied to my post "Lost 3rd pregnancy of Fri 13th". It really does help talking to others who have been through it. I am trying to stay strong for the sake of my 1yr old son. My hubby has been wonderful. We have cried together and talked together. We have decided that this isn't going to stop us trying again in the future (at 1st I thought I could never go through this again). We are getting alot of help and support from a specialist now. He is going to run a heap of blood tests on me soon to see if they can work out why it keeps happening.Again thankyou all. Your support means much much more than you I could put into words.

im glad it all over with, i think the worst part is waiting. i had to have blood tests done after my second m/c but they came back all clear, there was no reason for my m/c apart from 'just wasnt meant to be' i hope yours come back ok too. good luck.
Hey Rikki

Stay in touch and let us know what the doctors say ok ...

Glad your ok

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