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My story {for the first time ever in 2 years} Lock Rss

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Hi Ghost Rider,

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with all those things at once! It would be so very hard to have your little girl in the hospital with such a serious condition. You didn't say how the surgery went? Was she okay? Its terrible that after having a D & C that they couldn't put you in a seperate section to recover. Such a simple thing for them to do! Its good that you were able to cry with your DP, even if it was once. Would you ever bring it all up with him now and talk about it? What do you think his reaction would be?

How is your brother and SIL? It must have been very hard on them to lose their little bub as well. Thats so much stress for one family, even if it is an extended family. Do you ever talk with your brother and SIL about what happened?

I'm glad you now have a 2nd wonderful little 8 month old girl! I bet she is very sweet! Its great that you have found somewhere to get it all out! I hope you feel a bit better, it must be like a lead weight lifting off your shoulders. I hope you stay on the forum and continue chatting with us all.... There are some Top Chicks in here that are nothing short of wonderful!

Hope to talk soon

Hi there, good on you for sharing your story with us-something I haven't been able to do yet-I am so sorry for all the things that you have gone through. Its hard when you don't feel that you can talk to anyone about how you feel, thats why I love this section, you can come on here and talk about anything and everything without having to do it face to face-it has been a saviour to me.

I am glad that you have a beautiful little bub now, its a terrifying thought being pregnant again after a M/C and you must be such a strong woman to have gotton throughit.

Please keep chatting to us on here, even if you just need to come on to let it all out and have a bit of a "cry". We are all here for you and remember that we have all been through loss in one way or another so we are all here to listen.
Cheers Jess

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I'm glad to hear DD1 is fine now, and its great that you are getting check ups regularly.

Its a shame about your sil... I guess things such as these either bring people closer together or tear them apart further.

I'm a lot closer now with my family, but there are major dramas with my in laws... well, specifically with one SIL and my FIL. I just stay as far away from them as possible. It makes it very hard, so I know where you are coming from on that one!

wow you have been through a lot, how is your little girl? im glad you found this section i think it will help alot.
Hi Ghostrider
I'm glad you have finally let it out. It's dissapointing the way you are being treated by your SIL, you have done nothing wrong to her, she sounds self obsorbed which you don't need around you anyway. But I can understand that you would probably want to be able to spend time with your neices and nephews just as you would want your children too. I hope it works out for you.
I too was put in the 'maternity & Obstetics' section after a D&C due to complications, If you havent' hit rock bottom that definately helps you get there fast it's a horrible thing to do to people.
Best of luck

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