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Thinking of you today Linkage Lock Rss

To a dear person who is a real lovely woman..

today a year ago She lost her angle Olie I just wanted to say how grate Linkage has been in getting me though my losses and listening to me when I need a chat. so thank you, You are a truely insperational woman and she will be looking after her little sister..

hope today goes fast

lots of hugs and sending you my love

owww your making me cry!! You have no idea how good it has been to be able to chat away to you too!

Its great to be able to relate to people, but there is an element of understanding I think we all have with each other, regardless of when we lost our bubbas! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the times you have been there listening to me go on and on about everything! I do talk a lot of crap!!

Lots of hugs and love right back to you. I hope your angel bubbas due day has lots of rainbows!


Hi there Linkage, well I know that there is nothing I can say that will make your day any easier, but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you on this sad day.
big kisses for you angel today linkage.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Thanks so much girls for your messages!

Today has been pretty calm. Going down to the local pool for a nice hour in the hydro pool. I'm glad the last of the 1st has passed. Its still hard to believe its been a year!

linkage, you AMAZE me. Thinking of you today, and hope these next 34 days go nice & quickly for you so you can meet your little daughter.
Thanks for thinking about us littleteapot. I'm due on the 17th, but having a c section on the 9th, so its only 26 days and counting! So far so good.

I think "ilovemybabies" is amazing! I post all the time on a thread for mums due in August, and every time I log in, I think of her and her little bub. She started the thread way back in December last year. We were due in the same month, but she lost her little angel. She has been nothing but supportive for me, and I still speak to her when ever we are both on line at the same time! The closer I get to the end of my pregnancy, the closer she gets to her "due date", when she should be holding her little bubba. But she has never been anything but 100% supportive. So Nikki, when you read this, give yourself a big hug! Because your gold!

Awwww Linkage, now you making me cry.. I am geting though this due date better then the last one I had no buba in my tum for that one I can give my belly heaps of rubs and tell my little man to give me a few kicks.

I really hope the last couple of days has been ok for you. been thinking of you and I cant wait to hear about your little girl when she is born I recon a head full of hair long fingers and a reall cute cubby cheaks that you just want to pinch hehe..

I have to get that sight for the kick chart next time we are one line. but it is grays tonight so maybe tomorrow hehe..

and for me it has be wonderful to talk to you when ever i need a sholder thank you from the bottom of my heart. lots of hugs and sending you all my love
Nikki. smile

P.s the fire works went off hehe I asked the guy and he said go for it..

Wooo Hooo go those fire works!! lol So glad you asked and got the green light!!

Here is that web page on kick counts....

I printed up the charts and cut them up and put them in my pregnancy journal.

Great idea!

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