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my names Shelley and i've had 2 m/c both were around the 6-8 week mark.

My first one in 2002 i didn't know what was happening as i'd only just found out i was pregnant, i went to the hospital and they confirmed a m/c, an appointment was made for a d and c,
I never showed up for this appointment i was too afraid and i guess still in shock, this happened just as i was splitting from my then bf of 2 yrs. i was given no reason for this m/c (it just wasn't meant to be)

My 2nd m/c was around 18 months later in a new relationship, we found out i was pregnant and while we were both in shock we were happy, i woke early one morning in extreme pain then bf took me to the hospital, only to confirm another m/c, with no reason.

Well about 12 months later i fell pregnant again, i was beyond scared, i changed doctors and told him that i'd had previous m/c. He put me through a whole stream of blood test and came out with a big word.
Ideopathic thrombocytopenia, (i'm amazed i can spell it)
meaning that i had problems within my blood during pregnancy.

Well i crossed my fingers and my legs and day by day waitined to hit the 12 week mark to go to the hospital to see the blood specialists. This time i made it well bubs made it.
I was given a new diagnoses antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, my antibodies attack my blood and my platelets drop significantly through pregnancy.
I was put on Clexane a blood thinner daily injections that i did myself and aspirin.

I was checked regulary by both the hospital antenatal and the blood specialist as well as my own GP.
I was induced and had my son by emergency c/s on the 13/04/2005 my little man Seth the light of my life.
he is now a very healthy happy 2 yr old just tooo much energy

I found out in Jan 07 that i'm pregnant again, was given blood tests straight away to check platelet levels and to see how far i was, this time i was sent to the hospital at 8-9 weeks and put straight onto the blood thinners, i have been injecting these daily as well as taking aspirin.
All my scans have come back normal and i go for another scan in the morning to check how big bubs is getting.

My m/c were a long time ago but the pain is still with me, i'm still afraid that something will happen with this bubs.

Have faith and just take your time getting over the pain and grief, i started a journal after both of mine, just putting down how i was feeling, it sounds silly but it made me feel better because i was getting all of it out.

Dont be afraid to ask your doctors questions, get blood test that check for everything, my problem while relatively newly found has been around for centuries, i'm thankful that i changed doctors and that i've been given the chance of being a mum, and hope that all of you trying after m/s are given the oppurtunity as well

Well sorry for Dribbling on for so long and thanks for reading.

Good luck to you all, and the pain does get easier to deal with

Hey Shelley!

Sorry for the loss of your two angels! I'm so glad they were able to find out what the problem was! And you were able to have Seth, and your current pregnancy! Seth must be very excited about having a little brother or sister!

Do you think the losses you experience changed the way you are as a Mum? I wonder if the way we lost Olie, will make us into "better" parents, or "paranoid" parents? I'll probably be paranoid, but I wonder if it will make me cope better in stressful situations? like when this bubs is crying, or having a bad night.. will I be more patient and understanding with her, because I know how special she is? Does that make sence?

It makes total sense

it makes me more appreciative of my boys, to think that if i hadn't found out about my blood problem i never would have had them.

but it does make our kids special, and i guess we love them more than an ordinary mum who hasn't known the feeling of loss like we have.

good luck with your new little one i hope everything goes well for you

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