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wild yam - herbal progesterone Lock Rss

please only answer if you have or are using this yourself thank you girls

im currently using a herbal based naturopathic progesterone = wild yam if so could you tell me if you used it and for how long
is it safe to use entire pregnancy
and did you use vitex as well
im still taking elevit
thanks in advance
Hi there,
dont take Vitex wilst ttc. I went to a naturopath who put me on false unicorn root, raspery leaf, st marys thistle and wild yam and I fall straight away i am now 16 weeks pregnanat. It helps make eggs more sticky

good luck
I'm ttc my second child and after 12 months still nothing. It was suggested my a friend to use wild yam cream I'm just trying to get the correct information about when to use it. What days of your cycle did you use it??
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