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Can i add to this girls?

I am scared so bloody scared it's not funny!! I lost 1st bub at 12 weeks then went onto have dd. I am now 7 weeks preggy and sooo darn scared of having another mc i think about it all the time. With my first no m/s etc with dd m/s til i was 6 mths preggy this time around no m/s again!!! I am fearing the worst already. Could this happen again? Why? Its not fair!!

Anyways thats enough for me b4 i start crying. Thanks for letting me express how i feel.
Hey Jaz mummy, aww I'm so sorry you are having a hard time. I saw your name in the pregnancy loss bit and freaked out, so I came to see if you were ok.
We lost our first at 12 weeks too, I had a bit of m/s but not too much. Then with Jack I had hardly ANY m/s, even less than with the first. I freaked out so much those first 12 weeks, every morning I would wake up and be convinced he was gone.
It is so normal to be scared.
But it is normal to have no m/s and have a very healthy baby and pregnancy as well! It is so hard not to worry hey.
Are you going to have an earlier scan? I did with Jack, and it just eased my mind a bit. MAybe you could get a scan at 8 weeks or so? Once you see that heartbeat, the worry will ease up a bit. And also, I read that if you see a heartbeat early on, the risk of m/c drops down to 2 or 1 percent. It might just help with how you are feeling?

Anyway hun, I totally understand how scared you are, and just wanted to give you some support. xx
Awww thanks mel smile] . My Dr did some more tests on my hcg levels and there are still rising so we are all happy lol. I just cant wait to have a u/s and see that everything is ok.
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jaz mummy your not alone there. im worried also that im gonna lose this one. my first and third were M/C's at the end of the third month so ive got 7 weeks till i can have my 12 week scan and make sure all is ok ill go to the doctor at 8 weeks for my bloods and first check up. ive not been very sick yet just a little bit of queazyness coming and going but nothing to be classed as m/s though ive been taking the pregnancy vitamins and they are supposed to help minimise the m/s. im just hoping everything is ok and i start geting real sick soon, though im not sure how i will go at work. i am having some achiness around the pelvic area the past few days and a sore back (which i had with zak at this stage)im a bit worried but im trying to take that as a good sign that my hormones are kicking in. best of luck to you and stop scaring people by having your name in this
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