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hi girls, just thought ide start up a tread about how we are all feeling, no need to explain whats happened (but feel free to if you want) i know it can be painful to 'relive' it, just a place to let out how your feeling today.
I will start ....

I feel lost ..dont know what to do next ..had been planning on going to the pregnancy and baby expo with my sister in law for months now ..she told me that if I was not up to it,she was fine with that ,she jsut wanted to give me the opportunity to go if I wanted ...........Long story short ..I went and should ahve stayed at home ..

How stupid is this going to sound ..I want to be pregnant but I dotn want to concieve angain (not talking about sex )My bub was 13 weeks when he died and I just want him back ...I dont want another baby ..I want Charlie back !!!

I guess if you wanted one word on how I feel today it would ahve to be CONFUSSED !!(might change tomorow ...who knows ??)

thanks for listeneng

hi lukes mum, i hope your feeling a little better tomorrow, i know what you mean by not wanting another bub just wanting the one you lost i hope this will help you out a little with feeling that, it would have been impossible for me to have the babies i lost and have my boys as well and although i was heartbroken when i lost my babies im greatful because i got to have my boys and now i dont want any other babies i just want my boys, if that makes sense, i know its so hard this soon after, its been years since my last m/c so its alot easier for me to feel this way but when you have another bub and you hold him/her in your arms you will understand what i mean you wont want to be holding any other bub. i hope that doesnt sound horrible its not meant to be im just trying to help you see that there is a light at the and of this very dark tunnel. thank you for sharing your feelings i hope it helped.
That is a realy nice way of looking at it !!

Thanks smile

I still have my bub to hold ..and I do hold him lots ..he is the biggest smoocher ...but people inadvertintally ask when we are going to have anohter ..whne I say I dont know (dotn want to go into to much detail with some people)htey always push me for an answer .i dont want to then make them feel bad as to why we are not pregnat ...but still dotn want the constant interrogation either !!!!cant have it both ways can I ???

thanks again !!

Howdy Girls,

Hope you feel better soon Frances!

Today, if I could sum it up in a word... I'd say Paranoid!

100% Paranoid that this bub will die, not necessarily of what Olivia's died of, but that she will die. I think I'd have a complete melt down if that happened!

The feelings come and go, just like the rest of the rollercoaster of feelings I guess at some point everyone has! Today is the bad day for Paranoia!

All I can really do is keep an eye on her kicks and if I notice a change ring hospital. There is only so much anyone can do. (aside from crossing fingers and toes!!)

Today....I feel so empty again, we have been TTC and with my last 3 pregnancies I would have conceived this month but when AF arrived I felt so empty like I did straight after the M/C.
I know what you mean Frances I so desprately want to be pregnant but I want to be 18wks like I should be not starting all over again, I want my baby back. I know this may be TMI but I lost my baby at home and there was so much blood that every time AF arrives since the M/C all I can see is my baby in my hand and all that blood.
Sorry but I have been having a couple of really down days and for some reason since the M/C I have thsi idea that something was damaged and I will now have trouble conceiving and I don't know why, all 3 babies were conceived 2nd month of trying so I know I shouldn't have any trouble but I don't know.
I can't stop thinking about what I should be doing at the moment like we would be due for an ultrasound now and maybe finding out the sex and all that.
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and we can look forward to trying again in a fortnight.
Thanks for letting me have a bit of whinge, sorry.
hey linkage, wow i have no idea how scared you must be but im sure everything will be fine, my SIL's first baby was born premie he lived for 3 days but didnt make it unfortunately, turns out she has a problem with her cervix its too thin and opens too early under the pressure, with her next pregnancy it was very touch and go she was put on strict bed rest and i dont even think the doctors thought she was goanna make it far enough for this one to survive but she made it to 39+weeks after coming off bed rest at 32 weeks with a very thin cervix and had a beautiful healthy little girl, she is now pregnant with her third and is having just as much trouble if not more but has made it to 32 weeks without bed rest though she is not allowed to lift her child but she is doing ok, so i guess my point is just because it happened the first time doesnt mean it will happen again, i just thought ide tell you that, sometimes it calms your nerves a little to hear success stories. she is actualy due on the 30th of the 8th not long after you.
Hey linkage ...when I was pregnant with Luke ..I diddnt feel any noving one day ..i rang the hospital in tears adn they said to come straigh down ..when I got there they put me in a room with a cup of tea and a feotal moniter wrapped around my belly for half and hour .....I felt so relieved when I herd his little boom boom of his heart ...i got a stearn stalking to by one of the midwives and she said anytime I am not confident that things are not going right to come to the hospitatl straight away to get a monitor on my tummy .....She explained that there is nobody on this planet that know this baby like I do and if I have the slightest doubt then it is taken seriously .....
So this is my advise to you ...first glimmer of doubt go to the hospital and get it checked out ...the calmer you are about this pregnancy the less likely complications are going to appear
Good luck with everything honey ...give our tummy a rub for me !!

Hey Jess ...just be kind to your self have had a stressful time of late with all the floods and stuff ....I am pretty sure that I should be 18 weeks aswell (???)..when was Dora due date ???....Charlies was the 12th December .......good luck for the next fortnight honey wink
I am so glad to be here with people who know how I feel ...this has been really good for me !!
[Edited on 07/07/2007]
its great that there is now a place where we can all get out how we feel, without having to face anyone, its safe to say its been such a long time for me that i no longer feel sad about my m/c but i wish i had know of a place like this when i realy needed it.
where did you go to get support ??do you have a supportive hubby ??
with my first my husband was there with me and so was my mum, the birth of my first son helped i was heartbroken untill he arrived, with my second i kind of just got myself through it though my DH was with me he was not much help this time round, it didnt hurt nearly as much as my first though i think cause i had my son. and now i have 2 wonderful boys and hopefuly another on the way and to be honest i dont realy think about it much anymore unless im in this section or im pregnant and then i worry.
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