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Ahh Joey
my friend you have found me!!! I too lost my old username so chose this one because it is my nickname for Jack.Wow its almost been a year since our Melbourne weekend can you believe it!?
Glad you are here because you have so much to offer by way of support to others.
sorry I did read that you were having a little girl.I Love the name you have picked out for her its beautiful.When we had DS3 we gave him the same middle name as our angel just to carry it on I suppose.Wow the days are ticking by and I am getting excited for you

Hey spunkmunky, yes it's been nearly a year and this time last year we were doing the big countdown. God I was excited about meeting you all and even though we were both pregnant we did have a good ole time eh full of laughs...

chat soon

Hope Jack and Flynn are well.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I havent posted in here before, but have told my story in another post. I have some good, bad and inbetween days. I'm still not really into the general chit chat convo's that happen in general discussion, nor do I really want to hear anyones happy stories. Does that sound strange? We picked up my daughters ashes today so its been a bit of a bummer of a day. Hopefully tomorrow is better.


Im hoping that each day gets a little bit easier for you
Give that gorgeous girl of yours lots of hugs and kisses

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