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Hi Kim

Im so sorry for you loss I have had two miscarraiges and in between these one beautiful 9 month old son. I lost my first at 10 weeks and had a d& C , my ob advised to wait one cycle then if we are ready to try again. Well I was very ready and lucky for me I got pregnant straight away and now have my son. My recent miscarraige was only 5 weeks ago at 5 weeks, so early but it didnt make it any less painful. Do what you feel is right, I think youll just know what feels right! Im just waiting for my AF to return so we can try again. When I lost my first it was around xmas (well nov) but all the xmas stuff was out and I bought a glass angel which now sits on my TV cabinet just to remember my lost angel. Just remember your baby is gone but never forgotten, it was part of you and you dreams for the future. It does get easier try to be strong and positive and think what wonderful things lie ahead for you. Ive become a better person for my losses and take absolutely nothing for granted, life is so precious even if only weeks old.

Its ok to cry. I still cry at times.


proud mummy of beautiful smiley baby boy and delic

Hi Guys,

thanks for all your reply, there all very helpful to read. I am feeling alittle better than yesterday. Have cried only a few tears today so far. I have decided to just forget about trying for a few months. I am not going to go back on the pill but I am not going to try as hard as what we did the last time. I am just going to see what happens.

When I miscarried I was shocked also, I had absolutely no pain and not much bleeding at all. I had heard of so many women getting slight bleeding throught there pregnancy that I thought that it would be alright. However I was wrong. What annoys me the most is that if I hadn't made such a big deal about it to the doctors (I had to lie and told them I was bleeding alot and getting pain) I still wouldn't know any better. The hospital nurses thought I was over exaggerating and wouldn't do anything for me. So I could still be pondering along not knowing any different. I was still growing in the belly and everything.

Anyway thanks again for all your replys, it really does help.

Talk soon

Lilly Rose - 2 years old, she will soon be a big s

Hi Kim (and everyone else)

I am so sorry for the ordeal you are going through. I miscarried my first pregnancy at 9 weeks in February this year. My husband and I were over the moon to find out that we were pregnant, and I was in full swing of being a "mum". I, like you, only had very slight bleeding and really no pain. It was an absolute shock to my husband and I when we were told that there was no heartbeat (choking up with tears just writing about it). I had a D&C and just wanted to get the hell out of the hospital afterwards. It is cetrtainly a traumatic rollercoaste ride of emotions that unless you have experienced a M/C people couldn't possibly begin to understand. I ried for days. Stayed in bed, hust not ready to face anyone. My husband was my rock. He too was devastated ut still totally concerned about me (I wasn't eating or drinking much at all really).

Anyway, my obstr, told me that it was really when my heart was ready that we should try again - there is really no medical reason to wait or try again. We waited 2 months and luckily fell straight away - we have now just hit the 12 week mark. I still have terrible "all day" sickness, and I've been offered maxolin to ease it, but in my heart I like to feel ill as it reassures me that all is okay.

Sorry for the essay!!!!

EDD 16/01/08

mummy to DD A & DS L + 1 angel baby

Hey JDF758 ..I have herad other people say that they are greatfull for morning sickness as it is their little safety net that everything is ok ....have you told any family and friends that you are pregnant yet ???

Give your belly a rub and kiss for me ok

Keep safe
Hi Frances (and others)

It is kind of hard to explain, the kind of happiness from vomiting and feeling sick all day - but it is my little piece of pleasure.

We have told close family and a few close friends. As I'm not showing at all yet it is nice and easy to keep it quiet -although we are both excited too and want to share the good news.

We hit 13 weeks Wednesday, and as each week passes by (I do count days at the moment!) I feel a little happier and more secure that it is all okay. Thinking very positively now, and even bought a couple of babies things at the weekend - just can't wait to use them!

Thanks for the belly rub!

Jodie (EDD 16/01/08)

mummy to DD A & DS L + 1 angel baby


I miscarried 2 years ago with my first pregnancy. It broke my heart and I still cry about it now. I honestly believe it's something no one can ever get over. But you learn to deal with it and the you begin to think about it all less and less.

I am now 2 days overdue with a new bub and feel so lucky. But this pregnancy has been an emotional rollarcoaster and I have freaked out so many times. I still think I am going to lose this one!! I would seriously suggest getting some help if you have had a miscarrage and not getting pregnant until you feel confident and happy again. And you have to be positive. I thought I was okay but the emotions pregnancy brings changed it all for me. It has been really hard on me and my hubby. It's been hard but I'm sure when I see this bub I will think it has all been worth it. I just can't wait.

Good luck and stay stong.

Hi there HC, (and all you great girls!)

I know what you mean about the emotions we have already, and how different they twist when we get preggers. But your so right on the positive facotr. My DH would DEFINATELY agree with you.. can't say I haven't been a little crazy at times! lol. He has been a rock for me...

You must be sooooooo excited about bubs.. You could go into labour at any second!! yay! OMG you could have already had bubs by now! You are going to LOVE that first cuddle! Hope your labour goes smoothly!

I just remembered that next week (the 18th) marks 7 years since my first M/C. wow, it still feels like yesterday, but as time passes, I think of it less.
sorry for your loss littleteapot, i know what you mean last month was 5 years since my first m/c i still remember it so clearly but dont think of it very often anymore.
Thanks mummytocuties, I think that because I'm so busy with the 2 I do have, dates come & go and we are living today, not yesterday! It was actually 3 years since my 2nd one in April, and we didn't even remember. I guess time does heal.
i think it does, it wii be 3 years in nov when i had my 2nd m/c and i probably wont remember like you im so busy with the 2 i have.
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