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it is so lovely to see the heartbeat...and very comforting. Did the doctors say anything about lack of symptoms? maybe you are just lucky? did you have bad morning sickness with the last pregnancy?
I have only just found out yesterday that our first Ivf round didn't work and yes I know everyone says that you have to try more than once . I found out at work I was shattered and had to keep my composure . As soon as I left and got home I broke down I couldn't stop crying , all those months and tests and appointments and needles and hope, hope hope all gone ! I feel broken on the inside and can't stop crying . I need some advice to move forward. My husband is my rock but he can't carry all my disappointment
hi there, im very sorry for your loss nothing is more heartbreaking, i have had 2 m/c many years ago i know what its like to be pregnant again and terrified, im ttc #3 at the moment and again am terrified ill m/c and i dont even know if im pregnant yet, good luck to everyone ttc or pregnant after the loss of a pregnancy.

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Hi All, not sure how active this forum is, seems pretty quiet but I thought I'd just pop in.

I'm just getting over my first natural miscarriage which happened last weekend. I was six weeks pregnant with our first baby. The actual physical pain was nothing (it was all quite mild, no severe pain or heavy bleeding) compared to the emotional pain I have been feeling. I have asked the questions why, me, why us but I know something good will come out of this bad situation. It's definitely bought my hubby and I closer together and we are very much looking forward to trying again.

I'm not sure how I'll feel once I'm pregnant again. I'm guessing I will be anxious but I'm going to try my hardest to stay positive and calm!
HI I just had a miscarriage last nite, huge.
supposed to be 11wks pregnant, but must've died at 6wks ago which is when I found out i as pregnant!
Is there a secret facebook group I could join, anyone know?
Hi there

Sorry to hear about your loss. We have some support groups in our Loss and Sadness section you may find helpful. We also have monthly Trying to Conceive groups. We wish you all the luck in the world!
I had a friend who lost her 3 month old to SIDS just the other day. It is absolutely heartbreaking. She is on the verge of committing suicide! She is devastated as we all are. It's such a sad thing and I wish nobody ever had to go through this! She is absolutely wrecked and her life has been destroyed and her little boy taken from her. It's so awful. Please prey for my friend and her baby in heaven, she needs all the love and prayers and strength she can get right now. God bless her and give her strength.

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