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Hi everyone,
I have been TTC with no luck. I need some stories from other women who have also had M/C and then gone to fall straight away.
I really need to hear some postive stories.

hi everyone,
Im kim i am a mummy to 2 beautiful children,dd 4 and ds2 2weeks.. after dd was born we started trying for a bub when she was 2. in january 08 i had a missed miscarriage with twins at 8weeks, then in april 08 a miscarriage at 5weeks.. We then found out we were pregnant in june got past 8 weeks and then 12weeks it was a really complicated pregnancy and at 26 weeks our beautiful lil man bailey was stillborn on the 22nd of december 08. but in april lasdt year we found out to our shock we were expecting all i did was worry the whole time but know we have a beautiful very healthy 2 week old son
i miscarried a month ago at 20 wks its really hard to deal with atm i still feel kinda lost. The only thing that keeps me goin right now is my DS (2yrs) im so grateful to have him!
Wow I am so grateful to have found this forum. I have been on this site since the birth of my daughter 2 years ago but almost couldnt face it anymore.
Hearing the loss of each of you tears my heart but makes me feel that its ok not to forget my two little angels lost. I had a still born before my daughter and have just had another, our little son Jeffrey born dead on 18/8/10. The hardest thing is that after the first few days its like it never happened, with everyone around us trying to cheer us up by acting as if our little ones never existed. Our nursery sits empty again and I am really struggling to find a way to get through this. Being positive, we have got preganant each time without any trouble, but the joy of pregnancy has been taken from us. Does anyone know of a good support group focused on working a way through?
gosh, there is so much loss out there, I'm now only just pregnant again after 1 healthy girl and 3 misscarriages, I'm hoping that this time we will get passed the 10 week mark, I've been feeling very apprehensive about things and don't want to get to excited again and start planning things again, but it is so hard not to.
I just wanted to share this we you all
Huggies- I would love to see a pregnancy after loss category to the new forum.
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Huggies- I would love to see a pregnancy after loss category to the new forum.

I will second that!

mel-O wrote:
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Huggies- I would love to see a pregnancy after loss category to the new forum.
I will second that!

Excellent suggestion, I will third that.

Hi everyone, I had miscarriage in march 20 weeks. I am now ttc again but seems to be taking forever. I have a healthy 2 yr old little girl as well. I feel as though period is coming bit it's a day late I want to be pregnant so badly.

It's been a while since anyone has posted in this forum but i'm also in the same boat. Miscarried in feb 2014 (13 weeks, missed miscarriage, blighted ovum) and am now pregnant again, just over 5 weeks but zero symptoms so far, very unnerving.
how are you going michelle? any pregnancy symptoms yet?

sending you lots of best wishes...I know how scary and anxious this time must be for you.
Hello, had what I thought would be a 7 week scan but turns out I'm 6 weeks 2days - a wee embryo in there + a yolk sac and a heart beat detected so that was really nice to see. Still very few pregnancy symptoms, but having seen the scan, I feel a bit better about that at least smile
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