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Thank you so much for the new forum.

I had 6 miscarriages - my last 3 within 18 months. When I fell pregnant for the 7th time, I was absolutely terrified. Fortunately for me, I had a wonderful OB/GYN who was sensitive and understanding of my situation. He insisted on seeing me every week for the 1st trimester just to keep me calm and allay any fears that I had.

Thanks to him, I now have my little miracle - my angel baby girl who is now 12 months old. I'm so lucky.

For those trying to conceive after your loss - please know that you are not alone. And if you are pregnant, discuss your fears with your doctor, make sure that you communicate everything with your doctor - it will make you feel so much more in control of your body and your pregnancy, your baby.

Thank you Huggies Moderator. Setting this forum up was very thoughtful and understanding.
im glad this new forum is here a lot off my friends dont understand why i got so upset after my two miscarriages they seem to think that because i have three kids already that i should be able to get over it. my first loss was on my birthday last year and i was fourteen weeks my second was march this year and i was six weeks and now i think i am pregnant again and i am terrified it is going to happen again. i still sometimes cry about it and think that i could of had a new baby lets just cross fingers and hope it doesn`t happen again i too scared to find out if i am or not
I understand what you mean about friends not understanding about losing a baby. My partner and i found out we were pregnant at the beginning of this year and it was not a planned thing but we were both happy about it. I miscarried on my birthday in march at 12 weeks and my friends and family for that matter couldn't understand why i still didn't want to go and celebrate my birthday. Some friends even said it was a good thing because i could now drink for my birthday. I think this made it harder for my partner and i to deal with our loss because to us it seemed that the important people in our lives did not care. It was also hard to talk to people around me because no one i know has had a miscarriage before. I understand about not wanting to find it if your pregnant again. It was hard for me to take the test to find out if i was pregnant again. When the test came up positive i cried alot my partner thought we weren't pregnant. I cried because i didn't want it to happen agin, i didn't want to lose another baby. I'm now 11 weeks and starting to get scared with the 12 week mark coming up as this is the time i had the last misscarriage. I hope if you do decide to take a test that everything will go well for you.
hey im a 20 year old nearly 21.Ive got a 18 month beautiful daughter and ive had 2 complete m/c both were when i was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant.My first m/c was october 07 and my second one was 1st of March.I never worried bout having m/c with my first pregnancy its went quite smoothly and now ive had two in row.When i m/c i thought i was the only one in that situation but im not.When i was threatening to m/c i went to A&E and they pretty much told me that it was life and to get over it!My sister just told me to think as if it was a late period but they dnt understand unless they have been throgh it themselves.I think its sad that loss happens to people that want babies and the people who abuse or take 4 granted their kids can pop them out whenever.
Good luck to everyone ttc
**baby dust to everyone**

Thank You so much. This new forum is fantastic. I lost a baby boy at 15 weeks and felt I had no one to talk to. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and am scared out of my mind so I am hoping talking to other mothers who have been through this will help ease my mind.

I had the same experience when I lost my baby boy at 15 weeks 1 week before christmas. Everyone told me I should be able to get over it easy beacuse I already have 2 kids. No one seems to understand that although we already have kids nothing is going to make up for the loss that we feel. I even had my doctors tell me I should be greatfull that I have the 2 kids that I have and you would think they would have a bit more sensitivity. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and have been scared out of my mind ever since I found out I was pregnant again. I still cry nearly everyday but try to stay positive. I f you need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck and try to stay positive.

Hi all, first time I've posted, so hope I'm going about it all the right way!!!

I lost my bub (I'm gonna call it my bub.... some people seem to have an issue with that, but to me, that's what it was) on Feb 23rd this year, I was 10 weeks.

According to all reports, my bub had stopped growing about 3 weeks earlier. Talk about absolutely devastating (I'd been told at an 8 weeks scan that although there was no heartbeat, I obviously had my dates wrong, and my bub was just too small to be registering a heart beat - I went on for the next two and a bit weeks thinking that I was just being too worried about the whole things, and had started to enjoy the fact that I was gonna have a baby).

I've been dealing with this as best I can (12 week mark was hideous!), but thought I was making progress!

That was until........ one of my "good" friends decided to confide in me that she was pregnant, and had conceived approx. 1 week after I had miscarried.

OK.... so I should be happy for my friend right????

I also work with my friend, and sit at the desk NEXT to her for 7-8 hours a day..... I'm completely barraged with her comments of "I just feel SO sick" or "I'm just so tired..... you know what I mean" and also calling people to make appointments/discuss maternity leave entitlements. It has even got to the point where I feel physically ill when I see her reach for a gingersnap biscuit!!! (I know that she is eating them in an attempt to ease her morning sickness).

That clincher was when she told me that she and her hubby were trying not to get too excited at this point in time because my experience was "just too fresh" in her mind!!!!

She has just experienced three days of cramping and bleeding, but has just told me this afternoon that "all is well" and her pregnancy is going all fine. I explained to her that I am not in the position to "be there for her" as even if I am happy for her, I am still just as sad for myself sad

Her response to this was that she kinda regretted telling me, and that she apologised for being so insensitive towards me..... but finished off by telling me when her baby was due and that as this was at the end of footy season, it was really lucky!!!

I finally reached my breaking point today with this lot of comments, and have not been able to stop crying....

I feel like a terrible friend, but feel that my loss is just too raw to be dealing with her excitement and joy. Am I a horrible person, or is it normal to want to slap my friend out?????
hey im 20 ive experienced two complete miscariages within a year.I lost them at 6 weeks and 3 days.I always find my friends around me get preganant after i miscarry not on purpose but it always seems to happen!!!I had a mate who txtd me one nite (jst under a month of my miscarriage)saying she had heard her babies heart beat lovely and strong. 12.5 weeks yay.I thought that she was being very insentive and just rubbing it in a bit... txtn that to someoneone who had miscarried.I feel like i just dont wanna kno anyone whos preganant nemore until my best mate told me she was pregnant and she was there for me when i needed her to look after my 1 year old daughter when i started to bleed and when i had a stomach bug when i was pregnant the second time.I have jst relised that im stil hurting but ive got to put my feelings aside to support my mate.I mean one day im goin to get preganant again and carry to full term.

Hi, I had a miscarriage a couple of days ago. I only found out I was pregnant a few days before that and was still excited about the fact I was pregnant when i started bleeding. I ended up in so much pain that they suspected ectopic pregnancy so I had emergency surgery. So now I'm still sore from the operation and trying to deal with having a miscarriage. I know people are just trying to help but the last thing I want to do is talk about it to people. I really want to try for another baby but after this experience I'm a bit scared. I already have two beautiful kids but really want another one.

mum of two

Hi everyone and sorry to hear about your loses.
Well i found out i was preg at the start of this yr in march,i was only 8 weeks when i lost the baby but i had the worst experience with doctors. i was travelling from South Australia to Tas and drove a 13 hour drive to victory and when we arrived i just new something was wrong, i rang my doctor and explained that i was bleeding and cramping and she said im over reacting and should be fine and to just rest. So i ended up getting my partner to run me into the emergency ward and they even sent me back to the hotel. so the next day i booked in to see a doctor and he told me i would be fine and to stop worrying but i demanded a ultrasound which i ended up finally getting, and we where right about knowing and feeling that there was something not right.I was half way through miscarriaging and ended up passing it through that night before jumping on the Boat to Tasmania. I didnt need a curette as it passed through fine and than 4 months later im pregnant again and due in March next yr '09' smile these pregnancies where both accidents but im dead against abortions and am over the moon to no that we have a health baby on the way. after losing one i never thought i would put myself through it again but i did. i hope my story inspires some woman to not give up. even though my pregnancy just happened so quickly.
I have a healthy 3 year old. I have had 2 miscarriages. I never thought it would happen to me, but twice. My husband and i have waited 6 months before trying again, we started middle of has only been 5 weeks since we started trying but was very upset when i did a test a it was neg. I fell straight away with all the other pregnancy's, i'm very worried that we are going to have a harder time to concerve. and once we do is the pregnancy going to continue?
Thanks you for this forum.

i think its a great idea i lost a son close to xmas last year shortly after birth and are now 9 weeks prenant and freakn out a little!!

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