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Hi there,

One of our members has suggested that we start up a new forum Pregnancy After Loss, where members can share their thoughts and feelings on planning a pregnancy after a miscarriage.

We also have some background information and links to some support groups on our site ... you will find them here Miscarriage and Loss

Warm wishes <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Thanks so much for the new forum. It will be good talking to other mums that have experienced a loss as they know exactly how you feel. I really hope other mums will join.
It's really hard not knowing whats going to happen in your pregnancy I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and I am so scared, I lost my triplets angels in November at 22 weeks 5 days and I also had a m/c in April at 8 weeks so this time I am praying everything will be ok.

hi there, im very sorry for your loss nothing is more heartbreaking, i have had 2 m/c many years ago i know what its like to be pregnant again and terrified, im ttc #3 at the moment and again am terrified ill m/c and i dont even know if im pregnant yet, good luck to everyone ttc or pregnant after the loss of a pregnancy.
I also had a miscarriage only a few weeks ago at 5 weeks. It was my second. My first was at 8 weeks in 2005 . I have since had a son who is now 9 months old and such a blessing to me, not a day goes by where I dont look at him and realise how lucky I am. I hated being robbed of the innocence and joy that pregnancy should bring. I was so scared when I got pregnant this time and was always saying to my husband lets not celebrate just yet (how sad that we have to feel like that) anyway not long before it ended in sadness. I am just waiting for AF as per doctors instructions and we will try again. Everything is crossed.


proud mummy of beautiful smiley baby boy and delic

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i know what you mean about being robbed of the excitement,with my first pregnancy i had bleeding eary on and i lost it at 10+ weeks when i was pregnant with my first son i didnt have any bleeding at all so when i fell pregnant again and had bleeding from the start i knew i wasnt having this baby so i couldnt get excited at all, i was just waiting for it to happen i m/c at 12 weeks, the other thing is i didnt have any morning sickness with my 2 m/c but did with my boys so when i was pregnant with my second son by 6 weeks i didnt have any bleeding and had terrible morning sickness so i was fairly confident i was keeping this one too and let myself celebrate a little.
I miscarried a bub at 8 weeks (After No.3).

I had a feeling I wasn't going to keep it, so when it finally happened I had dealt with it emotionally. Unfortunately, I took a month to recover physically - infection and lots of loss and clots.

Blessed to be able to say we are now 25 weeks and all going well.

Had a lovely friend give me a gift of an angel watching over a baby in a cradle, so that I would have something to remember the little one in heaven. (Oh, oh, having some tears...)

Here's to the precious blessings we get to keep and the ones we don't. Health and best wishes to you all!


We lost a bub at 11wks and I'm now pregnant again, now at 24 weeks.

It's true about being scared to celebrate with later pregnancies. We held off telling people much longer the second time around, and for a long time I thought my husband wasn't excited about us being pregnant again. Then I realised he was holding back, after the 20 week scan he got more excited. But we still are regularly worried.

It helped me to speak to others who had lost a baby, my aunty was great. At the time she said to me, others will forget about this, but it will always be your baby to you. You'll remember how old it would have been in years to come, and remember its due date. For some reason that helped. It would be a month old now.

This a great idea for the Mums of angels to have a chat with each other. I lost my DS 2 at 38.5 weeks( jan 06), he was stillborn.I have recently given birth to DS 3 but the emotional impact and fear definately took its toll. Look forward to sharing and supporting others.

Oh wow...stillbirth scares me. I can fully empathize with the emotional impact. Thanks for sharing with us.


Im so sorry to hear of your still birth spunkymunky that is so unfair. life should never deal anyone such a tragedy. I realise after having two miscarraiges and one gorgeous son that life is so precious. I really think I have become a much better person for my losses and my gain. I dont take anything for granted now and generally I think I have become a much better person since having my son. I look at his face and cant believe that he is mine to cuddle and love so much. Im choking up just thinking about him. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that motherhood could be so wonderful.

I hope I dont need to wait to long to have another.

proud mummy of beautiful smiley baby boy and delic

Wow. I can't believe how many of us there are who have suffered a loss. I lost my DD in May 2005. I had her at 38 weeks, a stillbirth. I am now pregnant again with a wee boy (32 weeks) and I cannot even describe what an emotional rollercoaster this pregnancy has been for me.

It's pretty spinny this new forum was made because just the other night, after two years of, for some reason, being scared, I bit the bullet and went to a support meeting for the first time, for people who have suffered m/c, ectopic pregnancies, still births and neo-natal deaths and I totally reckon it was the best thing I have ever done.. for myself and my wee boy to come. Just knowing that there is support out there is awesome.

This forum is a great idea and I look forward to sharing and supporting with all of you smile.



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