This is so so frustrating hearing ''Take it easy'' ''It will happen'' ''My friend went through 7 failed ivf cycles, then conceived naturally'' ''Why not to adopt'' etc. All those thigs were driving me crazy. Once some lovely told me ''I have four kids, you may take one'' which absolutely ruined my understanding of modern world. Are they all kidding? Don' t they understand how it hurts for the infertile to hear sth like this? At least can't they just keep silent!! Never provoking all those bad thoughts strolling up and down our brain every day with silly words said!
I know, lovelies, this must be some rough times for you. But not the bad life!! I'm sure lovelies like you always succeed in the end. May I ask you, what step of treatments are you at? If you're doing/planning to go ivf route I definitely may be of some help for you. Just let me know. Hugs x