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Very early loss?? Lock Rss

my husband and I are trying for our 3rd baby.
My last period was 11th August. I tested last monday (2nd September... early I know) and 2 tests came back positive. Tuesday morning positive again. Tuesday afternoon I tried a digital and it was negative! Tried a regular one again Wednesday and Thursday and both we’re positive but the line was fainter than the start of the week. Friday I woke up with cramping and bleeding just like a period. Went to the doctor and the pregnancy test was negative. Took one Saturday and negative again. I had a blood test Friday and just got my results back. The HCG levels were 0! How could it go to 0 the same day I started cramping and bleeding!?
Might seem crazy but I just feel as though the 5 positive tests I took were wrong and I never was pregnant and the bleeding I’m having now is just my period not a miscarriage..
Hey, I hope you are well. This can be really frustrating! It's like these BFPs raise your hope and then the periods just happen. I can understand your situation as something very similar happened to me. I remember I wasted so much money buying pregnancy tests because I just wanted to keep on checking. I got the first BFP however, the rest of the tests I took were all BFNs. I was so heartbroken. However, don't lose hope and keep trying.
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