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Please share your donor egg success stories. Lock Rss

Hi, ladies.
I'm sorry you're facing these struggles. At the beginning of our fertility road I was 37 yo. AMH <0.01 which meant going straight to de. (One of the attempts of using my egg ended in early miscarriage, two others - BFN). We believed in our last chance with de and went further. I just want to say you have to be strong and keep positive. And I strongly believe that life will change for better, sooner or later - it definitely will!
One more thing. This is what my doc told me. High-intensity or high impact exercise puts your entire body under physical stress. It can compromise your body’s ability to respond to treatment. Your IVF cycle is not a time to push any limitations. I believe, physical and emotional demands of treatment require a special level of self-care. Over-exertion is your enemy here..Just be wise..
Congratulations to you on the birth of your daughter. This must be so exciting for you. I myself am about to start with the process. We took every step very carefully. Mainly because we wanted to make sure that the clinic was sincere towards us. I believe that did work out. Now I am just hoping that the process goes smoothly. Your advice would definitely help.
Good luck Andie! I hope things work for you. This must be so exciting. The clinic s indeed doing an amazing job. My process is about to end. I am excited about it however, really sad to say bye to the clinic. They became a part of my life. The staff is so nice that I got attached to them.
The good thing about the clinic is that they recognized that the clinic was getting crowded. One of the reasons why they shifted. Now the new clinic is more spacious and beautiful. I really like visiting them. Its always soo nice to visit them. You're right knowing that other people are here who are also suffering from complications makes you want to emphatise with one another. It is soo important to recongise that. Good luck to all.
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