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Ezabel106 wrote:
Hey! To the women's who got heart disease, even IVF is never considered to be preferable anymore. As no matter how many times you get to conceive. There is a fear of MC. Because you got the low capability of sustaining the pregnancy. At this case, most of the women look for surrogacy procedure. As this would make them able to have child safe and sound. Because another woman that is surrogate would carry their baby for her.Since this has been an expensive procedure. And most of the states have legal issues regarding surrogacy.
You should have to be concerned about the place you pick to have your treatment. That must be legal and affordable too. To my consideration or you could say the research I have done so far made me know about the place Europe that offers affordable and legal treatment. You might look into my suggestion.
Good luck.

There are many reasons why a couple might choose to take the route of having a baby through a surrogate mother.
Same sex couples. Gay couples, for example, will sometimes use donated eggs and the services of a surrogate mother to create a family.
Age. Many clinics have a specific age range requirement when accepting surrogates or gestational carriers.
Personal decision. Everyone has the right to build families in the way that supports their personal choices. For some women, surrogacy might be not a medical choice, but a social choice! (But it's possible only in several countries. As in the most contries where surrogacy is legal and well regulated you'll have to prove your disability of carrying kids yourself.)
Unterus absence. The woman in a couple wishing to start a family may not have a uterus. This can be the result of a rare genetic malformation. It's known to affect as many as one in twelve thousand women. Or these might be the women who have had their uterus removed. Sometimes this is a necessary step in treating such medical conditions as cancer. The lack of a uterus precludes any possibility of the woman bearing a child herself.
Uterine structural problem. Less severe than the mentioned above. A woman might have an uterine defect. It makes conception of a child difficult. Or the woman cannot carry the kid to term. Sometimes, a malformation of the uterus can have little impact on conception, so that it's still possible for the woman to carry the kid herself.
Finally, some medical conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, or severe diabetes can turn a pregnancy into a life-threatening event for mother and child alike. as might a history of certain types of cancer. Also if the woman is taking certain medicines to treat an unrelated health problem or physical condition may put an unborn child's health at risk.
Naturally, there are many other reasons for opting to have a child via surrogacy. People who could see their dream of a biological child made reality by means of surrogacy.
The point that the former writer has been through mc and she suffers severe heart disease makes her the true candidate for surrogacy. Then it's purely her individual choice whether to use this option or not.
I hope things go well for you. The process is expensive depending on where you go for the treatment. The clinic I am visiting for my process is doing a great job. They are reasonable. However, are located abroad. Therefore, visiting them was a big decision I had to take. However, I am glad that I visited them. Good luck to you!
You shouldn't be taking your heart condition so lightly. I think you should go for the other option. IVF is not an easy process. You don't want your body to be suffering more. Moreover, pregnancy could be risky for you. And not just for you, it could be risky for the baby too. You want to minimize the number of risks. So yes, surrogacy is the answer here. You can get it done at an affordable price now.
Hello there. Surrogacy is an amazing process. You can get it done at an affordable price now in our agency. Good luck dear!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

Hey, honey. This really is a difficult thing to digest! It's okay to have questions. Hope you're doing well. I'm really sorry to hear about your condition. It must have been a long and tough journey. I've gone through something similar. It can be really hard to deal with it. I'm glad you have decided to take a step to change your fortunes. Surrogacy is a good option to consider. I'm undergoing IVF, currently. I have high hopes from this! I hope you find a way, too. Your best option has to be visiting a fertility clinic, first. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Just remember, it's supposed to be hard! You can make it, though! Sending my prayers and lots of love.
Hey lady. I am sad for you. I know it more likely than not been so difficult for you. I realize that you are so mistaken about this. Be that as it may, don't stress there is no reason to worry. Surrogacy is an astonishing procedure. I'd recommend a clinic in Europe World Center Of Baby.

Good luck!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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