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Surrogacy or adoption. What are your opinions? Lock Rss

Being diagnosed with infertility is really hard. I can feel the pain people go through when they are diagnosed with it. I have been there too. We chose surrogacy. As it was the best possible solution for us. I hope people will find their solutions soon. Love and luck to all. Stay motivated and strong.
hello dear. I'm so sorry you had to go through a lot. how are you d doing now? I hope you are fine.. infertility is just hard for everybody. I wish I can meet you and console you. do not lose hope. I understand what you're going through. but surrogacy a make it better. it is a sure shot. there are many good clinics operating this. lots of love. keep me updated. bye.
hi, Angelica Turner, first of all, keep calm. People interfere so much in others life . They even can't imagine the pain one is going through.Infertility is not a problem nowadays. May God fill your life with happiness. My friend was in the same situation as u were. One of my relatives told her about a clinic in Europe now she is blessed with a beautiful child. everything is possible if u believe in urself and stay positive. Nowadays infertility is not a big issue because many methods like surrogacy are helping the parents who need a child. Wishing u best of luck ahead! stay happy and spread happiness. your post will give positive hopes to many others
Being determined to have infertility is extremely hard. I can feel the agony individuals experience when they are determined to have it. I have been there as well. We picked surrogacy. As it was the most ideal answer for us. I trust individuals will discover their answers soon. Love and fortunes to all. Remain spurred and solid.
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