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Hi everyone,

Sadly I have just miscarried at 11 weeks and wanted to see what people thought about the husband and I didn't announce the pregnancy to anyone else so I don't need to let many people know about my MC.

However I absolutely love bootcamps at the gym,and when I was 5 weeks pregnant I told my favourite instructor to see what she thought and which moves I should avoid etc (also in the small chance that something happened during class and she had to call an ambulance or something!) She seemed really supportive in our first conversation and gave good advice.. Although in classes after that, she seemed to ignore me or avoid saying hi when she previously always said hi before I became pregnant (I totally could have been me overreacting)..but personally I felt a little hurt, especially because she was the only other person who knew about my pregnancy about from my husband (I did also mention to her that I wasnt telling others yet until after the first trimester as I didn't want her to ask me about it in front of friends there).

I'm not sure why she was avoiding me - she seemed so supportive and encouraged me to continue and just be mindful/careful..however maybe after thinking about it she would really prefer me to stop going to classes after all and that's why she distanced herself..I have no idea. Anyway now I have taken a few weeks off exercise and really want to return to her class...considering for the last 6 weeks after I told her, she never asked me how I was, or even spoke to me, I feel so awkward going up to her and explaining I had a miscarriage..but then again I think its even weirder for me to not to address it and she realises a few months later that I still don't have a belly..

Does anyone have any advice? I don't want to bother her if she isn't interested or doesn't care to associate with me.. And its going to really upset me if she just ignores me after finding out this (as I have read often happens after miscarriage as people dont know what to say) or am I completely overreacting with my crazy hormones and being oversensitive/overthinking it and should just let it run it's course - if the opportunity arises I can bring it up with her? Any advice would be great.. I love this bootcamp instructor's classes so much and don't want to stop going to them...thank you!
Hey. I am so sorry for you. It was not your fault. Miscarriages are becoming common in people. It might be hurtful to you. I know your pain. Just tell whoever you want to. Dont worry about anything. I know the pain of losing unborn babies. But it was in fate. I have now a baby through surrogacy. I went to a renown clinic. That clinic provided me with a surrogate. The surrogate gave birth to a healthy baby. I have no worries in my life. I hope this would help others too.
Hello. I am so sad for you. It's not you to be blamed. Premature deliveries are getting to be regular in individuals. It may be hurtful. I know your agony. Simply advise whoever you need to. Dont stress over anything. I know the agony of losing unborn infants. However, it was in destiny. I have now a child through surrogacy. I went to a fame clinic. That facility gave me a surrogate. The surrogate brought forth a solid infant. I have no stresses throughout my life. I trust this would help other people as well.
I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss it must be extremely devastating.
However, you shouldn't be afraid to go for surrogacy as it is a rescue for so many women who are unable to conceive naturally. It is a great method as it allows one to be genetically linked with the baby and has a high rate of success as well. Being in the same boat I was lucky enough to find a clinic which is very inexpensive as compared to the clinic where I live. The clinic was doing the treatment legally and was also ensuring that everyone was following the legal framework. I was concerned about the health of the surrogates one of the reasons why I didn't opt for private surrogacy. However, was glad to find out that in this clinic they had a medical test and if one passed it then they were only eligible to be the surrogates. Once a surrogate was pregnant she had to visit the clinic daily for check-ups as well. This was honestly amazing as the clinic was so efficient. The technology being used was so advanced that it was a complete mind blown moment for me. I was also very particular about the part where the custody of the child should belong to me. I was glad that the child's rights would belong to me and I honestly felt better. Keeping the whole treatment secret would also be possible as you'll be abroad for it. However, just make sure that your DH is in this with you otherwise there is no harm in opting for it. Always feel free to ask me more questions I am always ready to help. I hope you are soon able to conceive sending baby dust your way.
Hey Olivia, I hope you are feeling better. MC drains you physically and emotionally. I think you are just stressed and overthinking. I am sure your instructor would not be that insensitive. My suggestion to you would be to message her and talk to her instead. In this way, it would be much easier for you. Lastly, don't give up! Stay strong!
Sometimes life isn't fair to you. I feel very sorry for you, dear. Miscarriages are the most terrible thing a woman can ever suffer from. Well, after reading your story, I think it would be better to talk to the instructor rather than assuming things. Being stressed out won't bring any good to you. I hope you feel better soon. Lots of love and prayers for you!
Hi, i think this is Now and again life isn't reasonable for you. I feel extremely sad for you, dear. Unnatural birth cycles are the most frightful thing a lady can ever experience the ill effects of. All things considered, in the wake of perusing your story, I figure it is smarter to converse with the teacher instead of accepting things. Being worried won't convey any great to you. I trust you feel better soon. Heaps of adoration and petitions for you. smile
I also lost my 3 pregnancies. I conceived for 3 times after a long time of TTC. But it all went off with 3 miscarriages one after another. I was tired and exhausted after trying that long and resulting into miscarriages at the end. So i gave up on the idea of having a baby naturally. So surrogacy was the first option that came to my mind to have a baby. I asked my husband about my idea. He says he is agree to have a baby. So soon we will start our surrogacy journey at a good clinic in Ukraine.
Hi, I additionally lost my three pregnancies. I considered for 3 times after quite a while of TTC. Be that as it may, everything ran off with 3 unsuccessful labors in a steady progression. I was worn out and depleted subsequent to attempting that long and coming about into unsuccessful labors toward the end. So I abandoned having an infant normally. So surrogacy was the main alternative that rung a bell to have an infant. I got some information about my thought. He says he is consent to have an infant. So soon we will begin our surrogacy travel at a decent facility in Ukraine. BioTex is always discussed among all the people having such guidelines smile
Oh, my dear Olivia. I am so sorry for your loss. I am at a loss for words. Seriously. This is just devastating. I can tell what a pain for a miscarriage feels like. You're very sensitive right now. Don't overthink. You don't have to think about how others will respond to your news. How are you taking it? That's all that matters. If you want to join classes, go for it. Don't think twice. Just do it. I hope you get better love!
Hi there, Indeed miscarriages are not easy to deal with. Wishing you best of health and peace. I feel extremely sad for you, dear. No one should treat a mother like this. It's devasting. Unnatural birth cycles are the most frightful thing a lady can ever experience the ill effects of. I think it would be better to talk to the instructor rather than assuming things. Being worried won't convey any great to you. I trust you feel better soon. Heaps of adoration and petitions for you. smile
I am really so to know about your MC. I hope you are soon able to recover. I would suggest that for the next time maybe avoid doing these activities. It is not really good for you. Dont lose hope. Ask your doctor to determine the reason for your MC. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
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