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Hello everyone. My name is Samantha. I'm 34 years old. I just felt like sharing my story with everyone today. I have been married for almost ten years. We have been TTC for seven years now. I've had multiple miscarriages in my life. After considering suicide as an option, I came to the conclusion that my problem was not the end of the world. My DH was very supportive throughout. He helped me through thick and thin. We have finally decided to look at alternatives. We chose this clinic in Ukraine for surrogacy. I have gotten my final dates for more check-ups. Hopefully, all goes well for me. Prayers needed. smile x
Hey, Samantha, I hope you are feeling better now. Suicide is definitely not a solution to any problem. Being in the same journey as yours. I can understand how difficult it must have been for you. However, don't worry you are hopefully going to finally be able to have a baby.I, myself have been going to Ukraine. The experience has been amazing. As I see soo many couples come over there. The happiness on their faces when they are holding their baby is just way to difficult to express in words. I also met my surrogate recently as well. I was definitely nervous. However, once we both met the awkwardness just faded. She understood my pain and for how long I had been trying. I instantly connected with her. Let's see what the future holds now.Best of luck to you!
Stop doing these foolish acts and start looking for your alternatives of having a baby.
We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy. Surrogacy is totally ban in Japan.So we moved to Europe.I had hysterectomy cancer and as a result i'm infertile.But my husband never left my side.He asked me to go for surrogacy.And we moved to Europe only for it.But in Europe we were not much satisfied with the clinics,And some one told me to go for Ukraine there are many good clinics there.So we moved to Ukraine.Now we are having twin daughters from the help of the clinic.The surrogate mother is too kind with us.God gave us two daughters as a gift to our patience, We are very thankful to everyone.
If someone has some experience in Surrogacy let us know.
Share your story with us too.
Hey Monika. Hope you're doing well. I was really stupid a few years ago. I realized eventually that suicide was not an option. I hated the mess I had become. I can relate so much to what you're saying. Whenever I see a couple with a baby, I lose it. I have a nervous breakdown. It's not that I'm not happy for them. It just makes me feel awful that I can't have one. I really hope this process works for me too. I can't wait to have a baby. I have waited far too long. I deserve happiness too. Thank you for taking out your time and replying.
Hi @Angellika966! Hope you're doing well. I know, I needed someone to be this harsh on me. People treated me with sympathy and pity. I didn't need that. Thank you for your concern though. I have finally seen the light. My initial experience and the meeting with the doctors in Ukraine went really well. They are very professional. They know exactly what they are doing. I'm hopeful I can experience a similar end to my journey as you did. You guys are great. You offer so much hope. I'm so glad I joined this forum. Everyone is like family. Thank you, once again!
Indeed surrogacy is the best procedure to have babies. Infertility takes a lot out of a woman. It sometimes hearts a lot. But this is not in our hands. We cannot change fate but we can take a decision. Surrogacy was the option I chose. Today I have a baby through surrogacy. I am happy that we took a right decision. We went to a renown clinic, especially for surrogacy. Hope this would help you all.
Hey, Samantha! I hope you are doing well. I'm so sorry to hear all this. It must have been hard for you. But please never think of suicide. Leaving this world is not a solution. It creates more problems. For your family. For your loved ones. Why do you want to give them pain? Never do that again, okay? Stay strong, dear. Anyway, thank goodness you're on the right path now. If your husband is so supportive, you should always be thankful. You have someone who loves you so much. Stay happy and strong for him. Never disappoint him. I'm glad to hear that you chose an alternative. Best of luck with your treatment. I hope you become a mom soon. Much love for you.
No, suicide is never an option. See, all you need to do is open your eyes. There are opportunities. This doesn't apply only to pregnancy, but to every situation in life. Never take your life. It's a blessing. Well, congratulations on your decision. Surrogacy has many benefits there. It is legal in that location. I got my surrogacy done there too. They have free accommodation for clients flying in from other countries. Overall, they really care for you. Hey, did you know? Surrogacy even allows us to choose the baby's gender! We chose our baby's gender to be a female. Update us on your procedure! Good luck.
Thank you so much, Ashley, Leena, and Jenelia. The support I'm getting from this forum is incredible. You guys are great. This information is really going to benefit me greatly. I can't wait to get started. I'm excited and nervous. Thank you once again.
Hello, Samantha! I just hope that you are doing well. I'm so sorry to learn about your story. I know it's really hard for you to fight with it. Believe in yourself and never lose hope. Leaving this world isn't a solution as suicide is not an option. It creates more problems. For what reason would you like to give your beloved ones’ torment? stop thinking nonsense. Stay strong, dear. Anyway, good to know that you have opted the right path. You really deserve appreciation and love. You have someone who cherishes you to such an extent. Just think about them. I'm sure that you shall get success this time. Good luck for surrogacy treatment. Baby dust too you. Love from my side!
Undoubtedly surrogacy is the best methodology to have babies. Infertility is hard to overcome. It at times hearts a ton. In any case, this isn't in our grasp. We can't change destiny yet we can take a choice. I have faced infertility for 10 years. The reason behind it was unknown. I was upset but I went for IVF and IUI but failed. I thought that I can never be a mom. After a time, Surrogacy was the choice I picked. Today I have a child through surrogacy. I am glad that we took a correct choice. We went to an eminence facility, particularly for surrogacy. Expectation this would help all of you. I am a happy mother now. I am living happily with my family.
Hi Samantha! How are you? Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry for you girl. Don’t give up hope. I know infertility can be very hard to deal with but considering suicide as you way out is absorb simply because there are still options you can take. Surrogacy is one such option that will work for you. I am also infertile and just like you nothing worked on me. Surrogacy came to me as a blessing and it was the only thing that worked for me when I was down in life. Fortunately, I am now mother of a baby girl that I had through surrogacy. I recommend that you go for surrogacy from Ukraine since Ukraine has some of the best surrogacy clinics in the world and I also went there for my surrogacy procedure. I wish you the best of luck. Take care.
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