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Hey, I am so sorry. I hope you will have a baby soon. I know you must be so hurt. You never know what is written in your destiny. I think you should go for the best now. It is never easy to lose a baby. Well, I think you should move one. If you are having complications so you should go for a checkup. I have seen many couples who had it. Now they are moving to infertility treatments. They are happy with their babies. Infertility treatment is successful because of the best clinic. If you re facing any problem so you should visit them. There is nothing bad about it. It will save you from further complications.
Heyyy, hope you are feeling better. This is awful. I'm really sorry about that accident. You didn't deserve this. But you are dealing with this so well. I'm really proud of you. Losing a baby must be so hard. I cannot imagine losing mine ever. You are really strong. I think you should wait a while. You need to heal. Both physically and mentally. You can start TTC after the break. Stress plays a huge role. It prevents people from getting pregnant. It's very common. I hope this was helpful. Hope you become a parent soon.
Hey, Samantha I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been very hard for you. However, I would say that don't lose hope. I can understand that moments like these can be extremely difficult. Just immediately get yourself checked. See if there is anything major that you should be concerned about. There are a lot of alternatives that you can even consider. However, for this make sure that the clinic you visit is operating at a high success. The clinic should know what they are doing. The doctors should also be professionals and expert at their job. Good luck to you. Sending you lots of warm wishes. If you need any help let me know. I myself am visiting a new clinic now because they seem promising. Sending baby dust your way.
Every time I read this it makes me emotional. I hope you have recovered from the loss. How is your process going? Which one did you opt for? The clinic you are visiting is the one I advised you to opt for. Are things going good with them? Do give us a little update on everything. Sending baby dust your way.
Hello, Samantha. How are you holding up now? I'm SO sorry to hear about your story. I can't believe what you must have gone through. I had a miscarriage, too. However, it was natural and it was because of my inability to hold a baby. This is purely accidental. You must be sad. I can understand. Good luck to you. I love the fact that you're not holding back. You're going for it again. Sending my best wishes to you. Along with a lot of baby dust. You can do this!
Hope you're doing fine, just remember that you have his love and support and you will go through everything just fine. Your time will eventually come, just don't let anything cloud your judgment and enjoy the fact that you have a supportive husband by your side, appreciate it because it can be a rare thing at times.
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