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TTC post miscarriage Lock Rss

I recently had a miscarriage at 8wks gestation. I've been told conflicting information about when we can ttc again afterwards by my doctor. 2wks, 6wks as soon as we are ready.

Does anyone know what the correct recommendation is?
Hi, According to research almost 10% of women’s world population they go through a miscarriage, but it's not an end in anything you can handle the situation very easily and in an effective way. I myself spent days in deep depression and stress. I was just too tensed and wanted to restore my health but was not able to. At this point of life, my husband was the only one to stand beside me and support. We went to a gynecologist believing that we would get some help and proper solution to this problem. We were confused at first which gynecologist would be perfect for our problem and found from a friend of us about a gynecologist in Ukraine. We went there soon and she took all the previous medical history of both of us and guided on what all we have to do. You won’t believe within 4 months I got the good news I have been waiting for. She told the role of unbalanced hormones in our blood that contribute infertile and miscarriage. I followed strict diet told by her with. You can also consult the doctor and get a proper instruction on this. I hope my reply helps you. thanx
I understand that there was some problem historically with not delaying after a miscarriage. With modern medicine there is no longer a risk generally (there might be rare cases of which I know nothing about).

At least that's the info given to me by the EPAC team at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth. Neither my sis nor I suffered any issues with ttc immediately.
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