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Miscarriage and problems after Lock Rss

It is so sad to learn about your miscarriages. It is really heart breaking. If the problems are still there it means you did not get proper check up done. In order to save yourself from any future complication it is a must that you get yourself properly examined. If the things are not corrected well in time then the complications can multiply. For secure future get yourself treated. I hope that your problems will be absolutely resolve.
Hey there! I feel so bad for you hon. I can feel what you are going through. I was also going through the same phase some time ago. But the main thing is that I kept fighting. You have to keep fighting too. This time is hard but this will pass. There are many treatments for infertility now. IVF and Surrogacy are the most successful treatments from them. I m also having my treatment right now at this clinic abroad. IVF is a great option for you if you can carry the baby because you are not going to experience that beautiful thing anywhere else. And if you can't carry the baby then Surrogacy is the right option for you. I chose Surrogacy because after all these years of trying my body was not able to carry a child. But it's working out for me. My surrogate is pregnant and soon enough I will be able to carry my baby in my hands. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!
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