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Trying to get pregnant after d&c Lock Rss

Hi there, I recently had a d&c on the 22 of March as my cervix was very closed and could not happen naturally. All bleeding has stopped, I feel physically and mentally ready to start trying right away, however was advised by obs to not start trying until I have had 1 cycle. Has anyone ever fallen pregnant after a d&c but before there first cycle? I feel so ready but don't want to set myself up for failure.
I had a miscarriage march 30th, d and c done on april 13th. Im still having pains ect i had a ultrasound they think it is a polyp. Got my period 2 weeks ago it lasted 9 days then pain again and another ultrasound today, they recon there is something there but maybe not a polyp they cant work out what it is. All i want to do is try again but its so hard thinking if i do before i get answers but it could take ages before that. I couldnt handle another miscarriage. I already have a 2 yr old but want another baby.
I would listen to the drs people try straight away and it works but would definitely wait the first cycle so your body heels properly to
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