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Is miscarriage still a taboo subject? Lock Rss

Losing your baby through miscarriage is devastating and yet many women remain silent about it. We'd love to start a dialogue in a supportive environment that helps you talk through your feelings. We'd love to build up a network of support here on Huggies. If you would like to share your story we'd love to hear from you.
Even though the world is progressing at a crazy rate, miscarriage is somehow still not talked aboutas often as it should be. It is no doubt a trauma of great extent and it stays with the mother and the family for a very long time. However, I believ change begins at home. We can engage in healthy conversations and dialogs over such forums to help other women deal with their miscarriages and learn from experiences of the ones who have been through it. My miscarriage was traumatising and I hadlost all hope but every phase passes. I am now a mother of a beautiful daughter and I want everyone to know- There is always hope. xx smile
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