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Bleeding at 6w1d Lock Rss

Hi all, ive already had an mc earlier this year. Im now 6w1d (from period dates), and the pregancy from what i know was all going well, including staying home from work today with nausea and dry reaching. But this afternnon i had 2 tiny bloodclots when i went to the loo and an obvious smearing of blood on the paper. Could it be too late for an implantation bleed? Or am i most than likely having another MC? Midwife will send me for a scan on friday 19.8.16
Advise/thoughts please
Its possible that its neither of those options. I had small smears of red blood a number of times between weeks 5-7 when I went to the loo and a bit of brown blood discharge throughout the day, was a bit worried but turned out that it was just some blood under the uterus which showed up in my 8 week dating scan and disappeared by my 9 week obs scan. My obs said this is normal. So don't stress smile
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