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Missed Miscarriage - Anyone chosen Misoprostol? Lock Rss

Hey everyone... I went for an 8 week scan last week and found out our baby had died at 6.5 weeks. Was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage...I am getting myself prepared to have Misoprostol this Friday to help bring on the miscarriage as I feel too sad with all this waiting and in no way want to have surgery! Just wondering if any other woman on here have been through this and have any advice or experiences. Thanks xx
Sorry for your loss. I had a missed miscarriage in April this year, I was meant to be 12 weeks and our baby had passed at 8 weeks (a week after I had a dating scan with a healthy heartbeat) I opted for the D&C as my uterus, gestational sac and placenta had kept growing to the 12 week size and the Drs said that there would've been a lot of products of conception to pass. This was my personal way of dealing with it as I couldn't bare to go through it at home. I was put under GA and I when I woke up I knew it was over and I had a fresh start. Every mother is different and you need to chose option that is best for you and to heal your heart. All the best xxx
I am sorry for your loss. You are having my exact experience, although I got to 11 weeks before finding baby had died around 8 weeks. I chose misoprostal also and it worked perfectly. I inserted it around 10 pm and woke around 2am with period type pains. Got up and went to the toilet and lost it right then in the toilet. The cramps went on for a few hours and a passed a reasonable amount of blood but nothing too serious. I had to use one more tab 12 hours later but I didn't pass anything else and i didn't have any more cramps. I was very tired for a day or two. It took 3 full calendar months for the spotting to stop ( not constant spotting, just on and off) and then my period came back after that. My doctor warned me that would happen.
I found it all less traumatic than going in to have a D&C. Just had it all happen at home and there was no drama at all.
I hope it all goes smoothly for you and you can get on the road to recovery.
Thanks heaps ddon and CKW9, I am also sorry for your losses, it isn't an easy thing to go through...feeling really emotional today in the lead up to taking the meds tomorrow morning. Helps to know I'm not alone in this. Thankyou for sharing your "positive" experience with Misoprostol because there are some horror stories out there! Just feel like its almost impossible to move on until it has left my body. Lots of love xx
I'm so sorry for your loss. I found out at a 10 week scan last year that my baby had passed at 8 weeks so I feel your pain.
I had a D&C the next day but I wasn't told about Misoprostol at all. I was given the option to wait it out (which could of taken weeks) or have the D&C so I chose the latter to get it over with.
I hope it all goes smoothly for you and you have your rainbow baby soon. smile

I hope all went well for you. Take care of yourself.
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