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Miscarriage and work Lock Rss

Hi all,

We found out on Tuesday that our baby had died in utero (9 weeks, 2days) and I phoned my boss yesterday to let him know what was happening and would need next week off so that baby can pass.

I received a text from him this morning requesting that I work on Monday and Tuesday as he cannot find any cover.

What would you suggest to do? I feel I'm in an awkward position as I am not emotionally or physically ready to return. I have also contacted my doctor for a medical certificate as a back up.

Thanks all
First just want to say I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a terrible thing to go thru. I have been there.

It all depends on how you are employed. But anyway either way you are entitled to sick leave. If you are permanent you are entitled to sick leave and if you are casual you just take the time off and not get paid. It's your employers problem if they can't get someone else not yours. Get a doctors certificate and email to send it to them.

Good luck.

Sorry to hear this, I'd be taking the week off and showing the medical cert.
So sorry for your loss. I've been there myself last year.

Your boss sounds awful but if you have a medical certificate you should be fine.

It may take weeks for the baby to pass though so you might be waiting a while. I had a curette
performed when I found out that my baby had passed because my Obstetrician warned me
I could be sitting around for weeks and weeks waiting. I just wanted to get it over with.

Good luck with everything. smile

Am very sorry to hear about your loss. Regardless of weather your boss can find cover or not you need time off work. I would a medical certificate from the doctor and send it to your boss.
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