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Empty gestational sac Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I'm a little concerned at the moment, I went for a scan today, just a routine dating scan. And the ultrasound came up as an empty sac, which the sonographer said could be just because you are only about 5 weeks, but by my dates I'm positive I'm 8 weeks. Has anyone else had this happen, because I'm sure at 8 weeks they could see something, or am I just too early
If they have only measured you to be 5wks than yes you wont see anything until 7-8wks.
They have measured me at 5 weeks ,but I'm 120% positive of my dates which would make me 8 weeks, could there be such a big gap in dates
There's no chance that you ovulated later than usual? Did you use ovulation tests?
I "Knew" my dates as well. I must have been wrong tho, I was alsi using an app to track mine. I must have ovulated earlier than i normally did.
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