Hi everyone I would love some advice or peoples experience in this area. I had a d and c on dec 5 after our 12 week scan showed the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks and had no heart beat. We had 2 scans prior to that which were normal.

After the D and c my HCG did a massive drop but after that it has dropped quite slowly
1 month after the d and c it was 75
on the 16th of Jan my HCG was 35

I got my first period after the D and c on Jan 22nd which i thought would take my HCg to zero but on Feb 1st my HCG was 23. The doctor was concerned there may be left over products so she sent for an ultrasound which has come back all clear and she said no problems at all. The doctor is saying that there is no reason after my next period which should be the end of next week that we can't start TTC again but I thought if my hcg wasn't zero I won't fall pregnant but the doctor says that isnt necessarily true???
Im just concerned because I thought HCG should be back to normal by now? has anyone got any thoughts on this or is my doctor right? I should add this is also the second doctor I have seen in regards to this.