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Help don't want to lose another baby Lock Rss

Hi , I lost a baby nov 19 , 13weeks before I found out I was pregnant I found out I had gestational diabetes sad , now I think I am pregnant again as diabetes is back and I have bad lower back pain . I am worried I am going to lose this baby due to early gestational diabetes . Plz tell me your story
I had GD too. Usually you don't find out until the glucose test in the third trimester. How do you know you have GD again? Like I said you wouldn't find out until later in the pregnancy. You may have type 2 diabetes and not be pregnant at all. Have you had a pregnancy test?
I had a healthy baby boy 8 pounder, with GD and it was poorly managed. On 64 units of insulin in the end with my bsl still way too high. But I had no great drama, baby had slightly low bsl but came fine within hours of top ups. Why would you lose a baby because of GD? I've not heard of that before, but I'm sorry for your loss.

It happened last pregnancy that I lost the baby . As I have had it twice before can show up early. My 7year old showed up when I was 12 weeks pregnant with him .then when I had the miscarriage at the hospital my levels went back to normal . Now three weeks on started having symptoms again so checked my levels through finger pick and was up again, tested for a few day and a hour after I eat and went to 10.5 . So I know something is going on
My advice would be to get a pregnancy test. Then you'll know for sure. But just because you might have GD doesn't mean you'll lose the baby. Think positively and hope for the best, like I said I had a GD baby and all was fine. And I don't have diabetes now. I'm back to normal.
If you've had GD before if also puts you at risk of getting type 2 diabetes in the future, so I'd just make sure I got a test to rule that out.

I should fine out this arvo done a blood test for diabetes and pregnancy ???? thanks
Good luck.

Hi Tammy, I would be researching into urine therapy immediately, to see if it is ok for you. I would guess yes, however I don't know what drugs you are taking. Definitely worth consulting someone who knows all out Urine Therapy now. It has helped many people with diabetes and almost any other disease you can think of. It's a 'cure' therapy. Guaranteed not to be recommended by your local GP, I would guess there are laws that prevent it, and make them tell you otherwise, so only seek out professionals that are in the field of Urine Therapy. Eg. the difference with say a 6 month cancer treatment costing lets say $88,000, and UT, is it's free. Of course they'd make laws against curing you. I just hope you don't feel grossed out by this. There is loads of stuff online about it, just see for yourself, type testimonials urine therapy gestational diabetes, maybe just testimonials urine therapy diabetes, etc..
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