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I have basically been pregnant for 2 years having this will be my 4th miscarriage. So I am used to the symptoms of miscarrying, but with this one I still have minor symptoms that I assume will disappear as they do. I'm going on 4 weeks of bleeding on and off, quite heavy, no major clots and I assume this would have been because I was quite early. But I've been keeping track on my hcg levels going down taking home pregnancy tests about twice a week to ensure they fade. My partner can not see them fading, I'm a bit unsure as well. I'll put the picture on my profile pic. In this pic the Bottom test was takin Monday 9th November, the middle test Wednesday 11th and the top test today taken at lunch. I'm sure it is just taking a while for the hcg to come away, but what do others see, a faint or strongish line. If I'm still getting positives that are not fading by the end of next week, I'll revisit the doctors. Partner wants me to hurry up and go, but my doctor has seen me so many times with miscarriages I would rather wait and see. This is our final try and once all is complete I will be going back onto some sort of contraception as it can't be good for my body. But please share your thoughts on my test, do they look faded - Thanks smile

2nd child due 17th Oct

A bit hard to see in the pic as the pic is small, but if you can zoom in smile

2nd child due 17th Oct

I'm sorry to hear about your recurrent miscarriages. I had a MC back in February and it took about two weeks for my HCG levels to go back to 0. I think the best way for you to know what's happening is regular blood tests so you can track your levels. Have you thought about getting any further testing done to see what could be causing these MC's??
Thanks for your reply and I am sorry for your loss. Yes its all still a waiting game. Have bloods, all is fine there. Bleeding has stopped now, baby is sticking and hopefully will stay that way. It will be a relief when i have passed the first trimester. It could also mean i may bleed throughout this pregnancy on and off. I was told that after my last child born I needed a blood transfusion which caused the antibody E, along with my partners blood type this can make the babies blood a positive which my blood cells do not recognise and will try to attack the feotus. Complicated to take in but was good to find out what was going on. So next will be the scan, Im a little afraid in case there may be abnormilty, but will wait for the 12 weeks scan and keep the faith in Gods hands

2nd child due 17th Oct

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