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I've had some people tell me that it will be unsafe for me to have my baby at 37 weeks. I have already had two children and am aware of risks and benefits. I'll go into labour when I'm ready!
A friend who had a loss has stopped talking to me because I asked for everyone's negative comments to stop because I want to enjoy these last few weeks. Is that selfish of me? I don't think it is, now they're making it about them because I won't listen about their bad experiences while I'm trying to enjoy mine. I don't have the emotional energy to cope with it. Do I just ignore it?
I had my first son at 37 weeks. He just didnt want to stay in there anymore lol
He was born very healthy and happy. He was 6pound 7ounce, so on the smaller side but other than that he was perfectly healthy. You are considered full term at 38 weeks. My second boy was also born at 38 weeks a VERY healthy 8pound 7 ounce!! So that's just not true when people tell you it's unsafe to birth a child at 37 weeks. In the 50's and 60's and a full term pregnancy was considered 38 weeks. Anything over that and you were overdue. Past the 37-38 week mark all the baby is doing is literally fattening up.
So I wouldn't listen to anyone who tells you it's "unsafe" because I've had 2 beautiful boys both birthed at 37-38 weeks. smile

From My experience and others it does seem people like to make your pregnancy about themselves.
Its your baby, your experience and really they should not be freaking you out by telling you there bad stories. You should be relaxed, very very important and should be enjoying yourself.
I had mine at 36 week as suddenly went into labour but they were planning to induce anyway due to the baby being a little small. so they were going to induce me to be on the safe side at 37 weeks anyway, so cant be that bad..
and was a little baby at 5.3 pounds. might need an extra extra layer but at 37 weeks would feed fine and everything. plus a lot easier to get out too so thats one plus..
Exactly, don't listen to what people are saying. If you have had the previous experience then just go with your experience. People will talk even if you are doing things their way. The thing that matters the most is what you want to do. However, just make sure that the doctor is with you. It is important to listen to the professional. They know what is best for you. Good luck to you.
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