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Curette - Anyone had one? Lock Rss

Hi All

Today I had my first obstetrician appointment and she gave me a scan and there was no heartbeat sad. I'm meant to be 10 weeks along but the baby was measuring at 8 weeks so it passed away 2 weeks ago.

I've opted to have a curette performed tomorrow instead of waiting for my body to "flush it out" so to speak as I don't think I can handle that wait.

Has anyone else had this procedure done? How did you feel afterwards? I'm a bit nervous about it but want it over and done with. Life sucks sometimes.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I have had this done. It was my first pregnancy. For me it was afternoon surgery and I went home that night. I had no issues with the procedure or afterwards. More just the emotional side of things.

Once again so sorry for your loss. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

That's so sad. Very sorry for your loss, were all here to chat or just listen if you need.

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