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Trisomy 18 Soft Markers Lock Rss


I had my morphology ultrasound on Friday it showed 2 soft makers for Trisomy 18. A CPC ( choroid plexus cyst ) and a echogenic structure near its abdomin. I was low risk at my NT scan. I have an appointment with a fatal maternal specialist on Thursday which I am assuming they will do an amino ( no one has told me what to expect ). I was wondering if anyone has been in this position before and could offer me some advise ?
I haven't been in your position but I understand that you must be so worried so I wanted to give what encouragement I could. My sister had soft markers for trisomy 18 also and her son was born completely normal. My first child had 3 choroid plexus cysts and they disappeared by 24 weeks when I was rescanned. I can't add anything regarding the third finding but I hope all goes well for you.
Thank you so very much for your encouraging words !!
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