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Whats normal bleeding in early pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi all, im 6weeks pregnant and have been experiencing some spotting small bleeding since tuesday arvo (its not heavy or constant, or red blood, no cramping and still have preg signs, sore boobs and nausea)
I had a scan the next day but was too early to get a heart beat- i need to get another scan later this week but going crazy waiting and obviously concerned, i never had this with my first baby.
Has anyone else been in this boat? Im hoping for a good outcome
I had bleeding in pregnancy 3 that came with cramping and loss of pregnancy symptoms that ended in miscarriage. Given the fact you've had spotting for a few days now without cramping and the continuation of symptoms I would be inclined to think that it is normal. Try to relax and wait for the next scan.
Thank you for your support. Im hoping it is normal- i have had to change today, if anything it has lessened a bit. Will have chat to my dr tomorrow, in the mean time everything is crossed with hope (it was very exciting news after 6 months of waiting )
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