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Going through a miscarriage today Lock Rss

Last week I found out great news that I was pregnant, worried about prior miscarriages I was wrapped to feel great with this one. I saw the doctor who did an internal and had some worries that there was a bit of blood, so she sent me for a scan that day. I had the scan, everything looked where he/she should be, the sack and yolk were in place looking good. I had no bleeding. Then I wake this morning and the swelling pain in the boobs had just gone. I go to the toilet and go to wipe, there was clots. As the day progresses the blood clots and cramps are becoming more apparent. I'm loosing this one too. 3 in the last year and a half. Today would have been my 6th week. I'm soooooooooo MAD, ANGRY and dissapointed. I'm angry at God, how could I be blessed with such a blessing then have it taken away in a day. From great Joy and Happiness to the GREATEST Pain anger and sadness. I know it is one of those things but I have to blame someone cause this is sooo unfair. No one understands and everyone just lives on with their dayly routine. DD is angry, I'm angry, I'm just sooooo mad. I'm ANGRY with ME. Life shouldn't have to be this sad. I'm sorry for those reading my rant but I have no where else to scream my thoughts. I will survive this again, and I will be grateful for all I have some time soon, but at this moment I just want to cry and be mad. sad

2nd child due 17th Oct

I'm so sorry your going through this, life is so unfair isn't it. Take as much time as you need & feel free to vent on here.

Has your Dr done any investigations? I'm pretty sure after multiple miscarriages there should be some investigations. If your Dr isn't interested in doing this I would recommend looking for a new Dr.

I hope you get another sticky bean soon & get to take this one home.

HI I just had a miscarriage last nite, huge.
Is there a secret facebook group I could join, anyone know?
I'm so sorry for your loss, and feel for you. My heart goes out to you. I joined that day I miscarried. It had some comfort, but still takes time. Lots of love and hugs to you

2nd child due 17th Oct

Huge hugs girls, I MC at 8wks over Easter was my 3rd pregnancy. The first few weeks are such an emotional roller coaster hoping you's get your rainbow babies soon. I haven't come across a Facebook group but you could always start one up

Hi, is there an active miscarriage thread? thanks
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