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Miscarried twice last year, nervously 5 weeks pregnant today Lock Rss

Just looking for some calming advise on not stressing or focusing on worrying about another miscarriage. I'm pleased to say I feel blessed that I have no signs of miscarriage that I had with my last two miscarriages. I'm not bleeding, I don't feel faint, in fact I feel really good, other than the minor symptoms of my 5 week pregnancy, but I'm trying to get out of my head that something bad will happen. Who else has experienced miscarriage and then had their baby, did you also worry throughout the pregnancy. I'ld like to enjoy this pregnancy but I guess its a waiting game till I'm passed the 12 weeks. Any advice from those that have experienced the same but are having a successful pregnancy would be appreciated smile - TY

2nd child due 17th Oct

I have been where you are now too and it is so hard to stay positive. We are expecting #2 after miscarriage we are currently half way and I have to admit we've told only family it's only this last month that I've started to enjoy this pregnancy and that's since we've been able to feel movement. Goodluck with everything and I'm here if you need/want to talk smile
I have been there too. I had two miscarriages in a row followed by a healthy pregnancy. It was very hard to stay positive but it gets easier with time and I managed to enjoy the second half of the pregnancy. What helped me was being followed by a specialist and having blood tests done twice a week at the beginning to check my pregnancy hormones. I had also a scan at 6 weeks and another one at 9 weeks. Knowing that everything was going well helped me keeping sane. just take one day at the time, good luck, hope everything goes well for you smile
Thank you for your supportive comments. Unfortunately today I lost this one to. Just so saddened, mad, angry, every disheartened emotion. People say everything happens for a reason, I certainly don't understand this reasoning and never will. I now believe this body of mine is unable to carry through these precious babies. I am glad I have two beautiful living children, but very sad for the three that could not be here.

2nd child due 17th Oct

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am very sorry for your loss. I know how you feel about your body. Not long after the second miscarriage I had to go to a kids birthday party (didn't want to but I had to try to keep life as normal as possible for my older daughter) I was surrounded by beautiful pregnant women, I felt so empty I burst into tears! Please remember your body knows what to do, you had 2 healthy pregnancies, it is just taking a little longer to work it out again. I had complications with my miscarriage and I spent two nights in hospital, after that I had very little expectations from my body but somehow I had a healthy pregnancy and unplanned home birth, my body pushed a healthy 9oz baby out in less than 2 hours. I still think of my lost pregnancies though and I like to think there are two little angels looking after my family. Hang in there hope things get better for you soon
sad im so sorry i know what u are goin through but have faith everything. happens for a reason.
god be with you
I am so sorry dear! But please don't loose your hope. Be positive & believe in God. Everything will be fine dear.
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