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AF after m/c? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Today it's been exactly a month since my d&c, and yesterday afternoon I had bright red blood while wiping. It's continued today, but it's still very very light - but definitely more than spotting.

I do have cramps, feel very bloated, and am craving salt, like I normally do during AF!

But since it's so light, does this count as AF? My doctor said AF usually arrives 4-6 weeks after a d&c so timing wise, it could be, but I'm wondering if this is just the start and I should expect something heavier in a few days to a week?

I'm on Clomid so want to make sure I count my days correctly for the next cycle, and if yesterday did count as day one, I can start taking Clomid on Thursday. My last few AF's before falling pregnant were pretty light as well but for some reason I was expecting something heavier after d&c.

Would anyone be willing to share their post d&c experience with AF?

Thanks in advance. x

My first mc last March it ended naturally & took a full 6wks to return. The first one was lighter than usual but the second one was the heaviest it had been in years. My last mc was Nov last year & I had the D&C, exactly 3wks later I had my first af. It was bright red but a normal bleed for me, still lasted 5 days, no cramping & my tastes didn't change. I found again that the second one after was a little heavier but now is back to normal. I can't say anything about the clomid as I don't take it but the af part sounds normal. I am so scared to try again but I am not giving up, DH isn't really on board as he doesn't want to be upset again or see me go through what I did last time so I am leaving it up to fate - what is meant to be will be smile

Good luck with your journey Chops xx
Thanks so much Mel + 2.

I take Clomid for five days starting on the fifth day of my cycle so I need to be very particular when counting days. I called my doctors office and explained what was happening and they said it counted as a period so I can start taking it on Thursday. My cycles are usually really irregular because of my PCOS (hence why I take Clomid) so I was actually surprised that AF arrived 4 weeks almost to the day after my d&c.

Wish you all the best with your journey too - don't give up. I can totally relate to how you feel, I have only had one miscarriage and I am a mixture of emotions about trying again. Being positive but also really scared of things going wrong again. The last few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. x

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