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Two ectopics both tubes now removed Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
Yesterday I had my second ectopic and my last tube was removed due to rupturing. My first ectopic was a year and a half ago and that tube was also removed due to rupturing. As my DF and I were TTC this time we are absolutely heartbroken. I feel like a failure and like there's something wrong with me. Our only option now is IVF which I have no information on, all I know is that it is very expensive. My DF is trying to stay positive for my sake and tell me we'll go down this path but I'm realistic and know at the moment this is something we could never afford in the near future as I am only in temp casual work, it's a nightmare looking for full time jobs!

Is there anyone else in this situation? I was hoping the hospital was going to send me home with info on IVF but I got nothing. I don't even know what my first step would be to even start IVF. My brain is all over the place and I'm still groggy from the painkillers so if someone can explain to me briefly and simply what the procedure is and a rough estimate of costs involved. My surgeon did tell me last night that it is available through the public sector now too but I have no info. I have tried researching on google while I was in hospital but it's info overload and very overwhelming and not making much sense to my drug induced groggy brain. Please explain simply to me if it's possible
Oh I just wanted to say I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you are feeling. Sending love xx

I am really sorry too sad
That is such a crappy horrible situation for you and I'm really sorry for your loss (your baby and your ability to conceive naturally). I think firstly you need to focus on recovery and then start by seeing your GP for a referral to a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist will be able to give you the answers you need in terms of costs, what is involved with treatment and any other questions you have.

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sorry for you loss and I hope you have nothing but good luck with your ivf journey
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