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7 weeks and an empty sac Lock Rss

I am 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant and have been told that there is still no baby. I have a sac but it is empty. I've been told they will wait another week for one more scan but then talk to me about options to clear out my body. Has anyone else had this but had good news?
My dates say I am 7 weeks and 6 days but the doctors say that I am 7 weeks and 2 days. They stopped taking my blood tests as they suspect it's a blivim ovum. So my blood will keep progressing and the sac will keep getting bigger but no baby will form inside. I Am hoping they are wrong and I am earlier then what everything says
I was told by a very rude sonographer in my very first pregnancy scan that it was 'most likely that the fetus had died'! I think we all thought I was about 6 weeks pregnant or thereabouts. My mother passed away 1 -2 weeks before this scan and then going to my first pregnancy scan and hearing that was the most awful experience ever. i had more blood tests and a 2 week wait til another scan to find out that I was just earlier in my pregnancy than my bloods were showing, also the sac was large for its 'age' too. so in the scan it wasnt a dead fetus (or whatever you call bubs pre-fetus stage) it was just that bubs was that fresh that the heart rate couldnt be picked up on the scan and the sonographer totally was out of line putting that thought out there. It was awful and a very long 2 weeks to find out that it was all okay, I was just much earlier in my pregnancy than the tests were showing.

I tried so hard to stay positive throughout the wait til my next scan but I also had to prepare myself for the bad news. It was really hard trying to do both. I felt I needed to stay positive as I didnt want to give up on bubs just yet and I didnt want to send negative thoughts its way but I also needed to prepare my mind and heart so I could handle the bad news if it was confirmed.

I am sending a mega wave of positive thoughts your way. bigs hugs.
Im going through this now went for a scan last Wednesday thinking I was 6 weeks 5 days but scan came back at under 5.5 with a sac and yolk. My sure of my dates so I new it wasent good went back today as I had some cramps and pain this morning and empty sac. So no growth at all. Second time this has happened to me. Seeing my doc next Monday to organize a d and c.
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