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A little Guidance? Lock Rss

Yesterday, I started to miscarry, which wasn't unexpected after a extrememly low heart rate at 8week scan and measurements being off (measured 6weeks)(on the 18th Dec).

I'm in some pretty extreme pain on and off, it seems to come last for a hour of high intensity, and then ease off for 2-3 hrs to my standard (high end) period cramps. Not high volumes of blood, a fair few clots coming out.

I'm just not sure if I should stay home and ride it out, or go in to the ER today (Saturday so GP, and MW center are closed, and I never got a after hrs # for the MW).

I'm also partially leaning towards a D+C but again, unsure. I'm not to keen on staying in the shape I am for several more days if thats the way its going to go. I just know if I head to the ER, I'm likely to have to wait for 5-6 hrs before getting to see a Dr.

Any advice?? DH has gone out for the day at my insistence for a day he had planned months ago, and will be home early evening, so haven;t got him around to bounce ideas off. I'm also hesitant to call my Mum and talk to her, emotionally I'm doing ok today and she will likely set me off when I don't want that right now.
As awful as it is, I would ride it out. A D&C is not a nice procedure and comes with certain risks so unless you're bleeding excessively it is better to allow the miscarriage to pass naturally. You can get some pain relief from the chemist like panadol or nuerofen with codeine, try having hot showers or wheat packs to help the pain and plan for a few days of not doing too much. The worst should be over in a couple of days sad

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I'm also miscarrying at the moment (was 4-5 weeks pregnant) I was in bed yesterday for 5 hours with bad period-like cramps, like I use to get when I was a teenager, pain radiating abdo, back and legs. I went to the hospital tonight just to be sure of everything, all they did was take bloods and confirmed my miscarriage and said there was nothing to do but wait it out. Hoping my bleeding won't get heavier, but the doctor thinks it will :/
Hope your paid is much better by now.
* pain ...not paid.
No better today - had a really rough morning of cramps, spent most of it in the shower with hot water, seems to have eased right back again though no tissue passed, just a lot of blood.
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