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3 Miscarriages in one year - Help Lock Rss

Hi ,
I' 10 weeks pregnant and had my first scan yesterday and there was no heartbeat. The baby stop growning at 8 weeks.
I am now booked to have the curette this Friday to remove the baby for testing.
I had two other miscarriages this year one in February at 6 weeks and one in September at 5 weeks.
I am completely gutted, lost, empty, sad and angry that this has happen again.
I'm 30 years old and I fear a long road ahead of trying to get a healthy baby.
I have no problems getting pregnant as it happens first go .
I'm fining hard to be positive now after the third one this year.
Can anyone please please give me some hope or positive advice on how to keep going
Has anyone had a healthy baby after recurrent miscarriage or with balanced translocation.

Your advice and help will be so valuable to me.
I had three miscarriages between my two girls. sadly it's very common. I finally had genetic testing (both my husband and I) and had a complete physical with a high risk obs after the third loss. In all the testing they did, they discovered I had a previously undiagnosed blood clotting disorder. I had to inject myself daily during my last pregnancy with blood thinning medications and I had to be induced a little early.

They can be a lot of reason why it happens, and some of these reasons can be treated, I would recommend you knock on doors, start getting all the answers you need. Good luck !

I don't have any useful advice for you but I'd like to wish you all the best and tell you not to give up. I hope you get some answers soon. X

im am sorry to hear of your losses
one of my sil had to have the blood clotting needles before she got pregnant and had to have them right though her pregnancy and one of my other sil and one of my sisters has a negative blood type so they have to have anti-d needles at 8wks, 4months, 32weeks and one after the baby's born but with my sil this went undetected with three of her pregnancy so she lost them at 11wk, 12wks and one at 16 weeks so you might want to ask to be tested for this even if its just to give you piece of mind
I had a miscarriage in Nov of last year which required 2 D&Cs to remove (just didn't come out the first time). We fell pregnant again in Feb and lost that one quickly afterwards. But now I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first. The first 12 weeks were an anxious nightmare but the pregnancy has been text book and we're looking forward to welcoming our baby!

Miscarriages are common. Just nobody talks about them. I've made sure that when discussing this pregnancy with friends or people who are trying I say that I had two miscarriages, just my little contribution to normalising it. I didn't do anything wrong and I hate being all hush-hush about it and that the topic is taboo when 20% of pregnancies fail. Once I started talking about it it seemed a lot of my friends had had one, my MIL had SIX between her two kids. People just don't speak about it.

I really feel for you and but know that there IS hope, and if you have some testing there may be a way to pin point the issue. We had no testing and just kept trying and it has all worked out so far. I anticipate I may have problems trying for a second/third but at the moment I feel so blessed that we stuck at it and we're about to become parents.
Hi, agree with others to have some testing done to try and determine what is happening. My mmc in July was considered due to a medical condition that I had at the time but subsequently had surgery for. I am now pregnant again and hoping for a positive outcome. As per pp, I have found it useful to tell people, it has helped me.
Sorry to hear that this has happened to you, take care of yourself.
So sorry you've been through all of this heartbreak.

Not much advice here but if you do have blood tests done, make sure your thyroid is tested... an underactive thyroid can be a trigger.

Best of luck for the future. xo

Hello! I am very sorry for your loss.
Sometimes things happen and they just left us completely broken. Things do happen for a reason, we might not get it but they really do. Maybe you have something much better for you to come. You just have to be patient and hopeful. I would suggest you that you should not TTC again as it might turn out fatal for you. I cannot imagine how weak your body must have become by now after consecutive miscarriages within a year. I advise you to go for surrogacy as your body would not be able to endure so much damage again. You will get to have your baby in no time via surrogacy. The main point is to complete your family and it does not matter how you do it. But it is also important to take care of your body and mind as they really do play a vital role in all the important processes. Google for biotexcom and you will get to know why you should choose surrogacy. It is a very simple procedure and has a very high success rate. Best of Luck to you, do not lose hope, we are always here for you.
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