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The cruelty of Mother Nature:( Lock Rss

Less than 2 weeks I ago I found out I was pregnant. Shocked and unbelievable joy. We have 2 girls and our second took quite a lot of work due to unexplained infertility. We were happy with our little family and after a big year of moving etc finally were finding the stability we all needed. So the news that a new member would join us next year was amazing. But as I write I am miscarrying.

Again in the first trimester I have lost a baby previously but that was when pregnant with twins and one survived. Such a different experience because the pregnancy continued, but now I'm experiencing this. I am shocked to learn that a natural miscarriage could go on for weeks? Is this true? I feel like this is such a cruel punishment. I don't even know for sure how far along. I can't explain how I feel but I wasn't trying to be pregnant. We were happy and just as you get over the shock and allow the joy to envelope you it is all taken away in a slow, numbing loss.

The cruelty of the heartbreak is unbearable this moment. I am so thankful for my two girls and I hope never to feel this kind of loss again. I think I just need to know what should I expect now?


I'm do sorry this has happened to you. I have had 3 and they all lasted about a week.
Im so sorry for your loss xo life can be so cruel GBH

Thank you all for your kind words and sharing your own stories it has really helped. Today by scan the bad news was confirmed. I'm feeling ok but just disappointed. I am so thankful for my 2 gorgeous girls who remind me daily how lucky I am. Despite our loss I still know I am blessed and thankful for all I do have. Xx


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